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Call of Duty High Server Waiting Time Issue Fix – Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Trying to play COD Cold War online and stuck on players Queue, then read this guide on how to enter an online multiplayer match without waiting.

If you are playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War or Call of Duty Warzone and stuck with endless server queues then keep reading for the fix. It is a kind of bug that causes the problem and thankfully there is a working fix and it is extremely simple to perform. Lots of players are trying to play online but sometimes the Server Queue does not end on its own. Stuck on message with Server queue you will not be able to play for hours if you want. Here is how to skip the line.

How to fix the Call of Duty “Server Queue” stuck error?


COD Cold War Server Queue Bug

Restart your PC, to resolve the Server Queue error. It is an active working solution that will throw you out of the queue glitch allowing you to have a clean direct connection with COD servers. Exit the game and reboot your PC. Make sure your internet connection is stable and then join again.

Below is the message you will see if the servers are full. Technically after a few seconds, you must get connected and start playing with other players online. But based on the reports by a few users a new glitch has appeared in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. The screen does not go, it remains active for a long time not allowing players to enter the battlegrounds.


Servers are experiencing high volume. You have been entered into the queue and will be placed into game shortly

Restarting your system or console is one simple fix that resolves the COD Server Queue errors. Here is what more you can do.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable.
  2. LAN connection reduces the connection latency.
  3. Exit background apps and downloads.
  4. Disable your firewall for a while if any.
  5. A few reboots will fix the error permanently.


You might get the same error more than one time. But a couple of reboots is what you need to do. You will lose your place in the Queue and have to begin from start. After a single or few restarts, you will notice the error has been gone permanently. COD developers had acknowledged the errors and they are working on the same. So if this issue remains constant, there will be a patch coming up.

Till then for COD Cold War or Warzone connectivity issue, try restarting the game. Verify your internet connectivity and make sure nothing in the background consumes excessive resources. This will also let you unlock more FPS on COD Warzone.