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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Prestige – How it Works?

Some Really Sweet Rewards Are Waiting

Call of Duty Modern Warfare brings something new in the prestige system, a reward level for player who reach Level 55 after playing through various matches in multiplayer. As you start playing you will be in Enlisted Rank that is the initial trademark for every player that ends at Level 55 and this is where you Prestige in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. if you want to know more what really happens when you prestige in Modern Warfare then here are some tips for you.

The Prestige System of Modern Warfare


After crossing Level 55 that you can do by earning XP, you will be out from Enlisted Rank. A new ranking system unlocks that will now end at 100. This is Officers Rank, representing that you are a pro-player. There is no major difference in the ranking system, however but there is an sweet spot called as prestige where you earn higher rewards, blueprints, etc.

As you progress above Level 55, you will receive cosmetic weapon blueprint. Every time a player ranks up in the Officer Rank system he will get unlock Special Officer Challenges. Do not worry these challenges are not complicated, they are pretty much similar to normal one but the amount of XP you will earn in Special Officer Challenges are higher.

Completing missions, objectives will bring Ribbons, in the Officer Ranks system. These Ribbons are rewards of Leveling up, when you collect 10 Ribbons you will unlock a special seasonal emblem in Modern Warfare. After getting around 100 Ribbons you will unlock a animated emblem in Modern Warfare.


After reaching to max 100 Officers Rank your journey will be over for the time. You will have to wait back until the next season kicks in and Level above 100 is unlocked. There are chances that future level cap will be increased based on upcoming event. You can track all the details about your progress in the Barrack section of Modern Warfare.