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Call of Duty Modern Warfare All Field Upgrades – Full List

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare you will have two supports, one is Killstreaks where you can summon a support like Airstrike in the battlefield and second Field Upgrades that will help you to survive in extremely lethal conditions. If you are looking solution on what are field upgrades in Call of Duty Modern Warfare then here is an detailed guide that will tell the total number of Field Upgrades available in Modern Warfare and how to use them?

Modern Warfare All Field Upgrades


1). Munition Box:

Want some ammos then this Field Upgrades is worth to add in your load-out. You can deploy a box of ammo and equipment’s for yourself and for your teammates. The Munition Box also carries a Killstreak if you had unlocked it. The recharge rate of Munition box is Medium.

2). Recon Drone:


Deploy a remote controlled drone that will help you to spot enemies. When you deploy the drone it will mark all the enemies in its range give you an access to their location in advance. With the help of Recon Drone, you can plan your next move and guide your teammates where to attack. The recharge rate of Recon Drone is Slow. You have to use this wisely, because of slow recharge rate it will take sometime to get a new one back.

3). Dead Silence:

Make your footsteps quieter, and kill refresh duration. It is an Field Upgrade that can be highly helpful when you are moving around in cover. The recharge rate of Dead Silence is fast,you can use it multiple times in the game.


4). Stopping Power Rounds:

This field upgrade will give your gun a extra power, it will reload your gun with stopping power round. Using it will deliver extra damage. The recharge rate of Stopping Power Rounds is slow.

5). Trophy System:


Ideal for guarding you from back, you can deploy a autonomous defense system. Similar to an turret this autonomous system can destroy upto three pieces of equipment and projectiles in an nearby range. It is helpful when you are in a enemy region blocked by equipment, you can deploy a Trophy . The recharge rate of Trophy System is Fast.

6). Tactical Insertion:

This field upgrade can put you back in the battle after you die, you can simply mark your next spawn point with this. Tactical Insertion is an simple field upgrade only required if you want a specific place to spawn after getting killed. The recharge rate of Tactical Insertion is Fast.

7). EMP Drone:

EMP Drone is an kind better upgrade than a regular done. It will help you to detonate EMP payload at targeted location using RC Plane. It will also disable all the electronics in the area. The recharge rate of EMP Drone is Medium.

8). Weapon Drop:

You can summon a cache of high-power weapon to your location using this field upgrade. Your team can also benefit from his.  The recharge rate of Weapon Drop is Medium.

So these are all the Field Upgrades you can use in Modern Warfare. Remember each of them has a cooldown time and you can modify them through your loadouts. A lot of these Modern Warfare Field Upgrades will be unlocked as you level up.