Call of Duty Officially Goes Dark

Call of Duty seems ready to reveal thier next game, according to their recent twitter activity, they have gone dark, their images of the account are just black images and the official bio just says “Going Dark.”

All we know as of now is that the next installment will be titled, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” which is strange considering the fact that the name is what started the series a decade ago.

According to Eurogamer, the trailer is scheduled to drop on May 30, now almost everything that they have reported about this seems to have come true so it might be best to take their word for it.

Seeing how Call of Duty leaks every time before the official announcement is more than coincidental, we can rest assure and be certain to check out the trailer for this new game on May 30.

There aren’t any leaks as to what the game will be based on, but if it is anything like its namesake then we’d all appreciate it as that was one of the best installments in the series.

Make sure you check out the trailer when it drops and we will keep updating this as and when we have more information.