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Call of Duty: Mobile Now Available In Canada But No Official Release

Call of Duty: Mobile has been announced for quite some time now but Activision still aren’t ready to release the game. The game was only available for residents of Australia until now as users in Canada too now can play the game.


Seeing the rise of the Battle Royale genre, plenty developers have modified their existing games to include this brand new feature and with PUBG and Fortnite dominating the mobile Battle Royale genre, Activision to is trying to get into the same market.

Call of Duty: Mobile features both the traditional multiplayer mode and the battle royale mode. You can also play as some of the most iconic characters in the Call of Duty universe.

Yet there is no official word on when the game will be officially released for the entire world, Activision has partnered up with Tencent games to develop the mobile version of Call of Duty, and you might see some similarities between PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile.

The trailer shows some of the features of the game, and you can also customize your weapons as per your liking with attachments as seen with PUBG.

Let us know what you think about Call of Duty: Mobile and are you excited to get your hands on this game once it is launched.