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Where to Find Cabal In Tangled Shore to Get Sundial Parts in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn update is live and it brings a ton of content that players can enjoy, including activities. One such activity involves you collecting sundial parts and this guide will show you where to find Cabal in Destiny 2.

Where to Find Cabal In Tangled Shore to Get Sundial Parts


The new content brings new missions and a ton of new things for players to enjoy, in one such mission you have to help Osiris by collecting Sundial parts.

Collecting Sundial Parts can be easy if you know exactly where to find them, but, first you will have to locate Cabal, take them down and then take it.

You will need to fly to Sorik’s Cut on the Tangled Shore, this is the best place to look for Cabal as they are filled with them.


Cabal are constantly respawning so you will easily collect the 50 Sundial Parts in less than about 20 minutes give or take.

Taking Cabal down isn’t that much of a hassle and you won’t have much issues with them, what might affect is the fact that you will have to compete with other players trying to do the same thing which might be a bit delaying.

Nevertheless, once you get 50 Sundial Parts, you will need to bank them at the Sundial on the Tangled Shore. The next part is something you might require a bit of luck.


If you are luckly enough to spawn into the Thieves’ Den you will find the Sundial right in front of you, otherwise, you will face another bit of delay, but it’s not something that can’t be done.

This is still a part of a much bigger quest, so make sure that you keep an eye out on how this quest progresses ahead in the future.

This is all there is to know about where to find Cabal and how to get Sundial Parts in Destiny 2. Check our other Destiny 2 Guides, Cheats and Tweaks only on Gamer Tweak.