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How To Buy & Sell Items In Diablo Immortal (Trading Guide)

Here is how you can buy, sell and trade in the Diablo Immortal marketplace.

Trading is an essential feature in Diablo Immortal. This allows players to exchange all kinds of items. While your gear and other earned items cannot be traded, there are a bunch of other things that you can buy and sell. Some of the items that can be traded are materials. In this guide, we will show you how to buy, sell and trade these items in the Marketplace on Diablo Immortal.


How to Trade in the Diablo Immortal Market

How To Buy And Sell Items In Diablo Immortal Marketplace

Here is everything that you need to know about the market in Diablo Immortal.


What are the Items that You can Trade in the Market?

Market Overview
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As mentioned before, you cannot buy or sell earned items. One of which is gear. However, you can buy, sell and trade secondary items as well as materials in the Market. The following items can be traded in the Marketplace:


  • Normal Gems
  • Legendary Gems
  • Runes
  • Skill Stones

What is the Location of the Diablo Immortal Market?

Dya Westmarch Diablo Immortal
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The market can be found in Westmarch. You will just need to get to Wynton’s Grand Market within Rakkis Plaza.

To get there, you will need to first interact with Dya. She is an NPC that you will find in the Plaza. You will only be able to interact with her when you reach level 25. After that, you should be able to unlock the marketplace to buy, sell and trade at.

How to Buy Items in the Marketplace

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As mentioned above, to buy and sell items in the market, you will need to interact with the NPC, Dya. Simply walk up to her and when interacting and click on the buy button. Then, there will be other NPCs around that you can buy or sell from. Each will provide different opportunities and offers.

While some items are interchangeable, others vary in quality, rank, and functionality. Hence, you should keep an eye out for such items in the market so that you don’t get the lower half of the bargain.

The items that are interchangeable are Normal Gems and Runes. On the other hand, you will need to watch out for the quality of Legendary Gems and Skill Stones as there are different ones that are important for each character.

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If you want to keep a track of the items that you want to currently buy then you can use the Watchlist feature. This feature will give you notifications on all of your favorite items in the market three minutes before they expire. You will just need to tap the heart icon to favorite them first.

How to Sell Items in Diablo Immortal

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Selling is a little more straightforward than buying is. You will need to simply select the items that you want to sell and list them for the preferred amount of Platinum. You can even list Gems and Runes in bulk to save your time.

If you have any items that aren’t sold then they will be returned to your inventory. You can only sell an item for 100% of the average retail price of the same. Unfortunately, when sold, there will also be a 15% commission that will be taken.

Even though you won’t often need the Legendary Gems or Skill Stones, it is best to keep a few of them in hand to upgrade your items and craft Charms. Keep in mind that if you have top-tier Legendary Gems then it is wise to keep upgrading them instead of selling them early on. This is so that you can sacrifice the same to upgrade your other more important gems.

This was our guide on how to buy, sell and trade items in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace. If you liked this guide then check out this one on the potency attribute in Diablo Immortal.