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Best CS:GO Skins To Invest In 2023

CSGO has a plethora of skins for you to buy, so check out the best ones to invest in in 2023.

With the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, 2023 is the best year to invest in CS:GO skins. The new CS title comes with revamped lighting and materials. So the skins will have a new shine to them. If you are a skins enthusiast, then you must know about the volatile price changes. The new title is bound to shake the CSGO Steam community market. So check out which CS:GO skins to buy in 2023.

Best CS:GO & CS2 Skins to Invest in 2023

In CS:GO, some weapons like AK-47, M4A4, etc., are default purchases for many players because of their optimum stats. Here, we will mention the top three skins you should buy for the default guns. We will divide these CS:GO skins between three price ranges i.e. 10 dollars, 30 dollars, 50 dollars, etc. Note that the prices mentioned are from the time of writing and may differ over time.

  • AWP
  • AK-47
  • M4A4
  • M4A1-S
  • Desert Eagle

AWP Skins

AWP: Neo-Noir ($10 – $60)AWP Neo Noir Skin

The Neo-Noir is the perfect choice for players looking for inexpensive but attractive AWP skin. This Danger Zone Collection skin is one of the best-looking skins with a neon dystopian design.

AWP: Duality ($30 – $120)Duality AWP Skin

The Duality AWP features red color sea waves in Asian art style. The skin looks royal and its price can increase due to new lighting on the golden touches in the design.

AWP: Fade (Above $1000)AWP Fade Skin

We understand that the Fade is one of the priciest skins for the AWP. However, having this skin in your inventory is beneficial in the coming times. Due to its rarity and the ability to interact with in-game lighting, the price for this skin will only go up with the launch of CS2.

AK-47 Skins

AK-47: Nightwish ($10 – $50)Nightwish Skin in AK-47

The AK-47 Nightwish from Dreams and Nightmares Case has an ominous neon design of a beast. According to the creator, it’s a drawing of a dead deer and dreamcatchers.

AK-47: The Empress ($20 – $140)Ak-47 Empress skin

The Empress quickly garnered popularity since its release in the Spectrum 2 Collection. If you want an AK skin that looks royal and classy, then the Empress is the way to go.

AK-47: Bloodsport ($80 – $130)AK-47 Bloodsport Skin best investment in 2023

The Bloodsport is one of the coolest AK-47 skins in the game. This skin looks impressive even in Battle-scarred conditions and its popularity has seen a minimum dip since it was introduced.

M4A4 Skins – Best Investments in 2023

M4A4: Desolate Space ($4 – $70)M4A4 Desolate Space Skin

The Desolate Space skin has an eerie design of an astronaut lost in space. It is a unique design, exclusive to M4A4.

M4A4: Dragon King ($5 – $60)M4A4 Dragon King skin

If you’re a fan of Asian art style, then the Dragon King skin will definitely catch your eye. It features a red dragon in the center with a blue splash design around it.

M4A4: Asiimov ($50 – $230)M4A4 Skin Best CSGO Investment in 2023

The Asiimov family is one of the oldest and most popular skins in CS:GO. Investing in M4A4 Asiimov is a great choice in 2023 because of its beautiful and clean white aesthetic that never goes out of style.

M4A1-S Skins

M4A1-S: Cyrex ($15 – $120)M4A1-S Cyrex skin

If you’re a fan of a clean aesthetic, then the M4A1-S Cyrex is perfect for you. This skin looks sharp with the mindful use of red, black, and white paint.

M4A1-S: Chantico’s Fire ($15 – $250)Chantico's Fire Skin in CSGO

Chantico’s Fire is an elegant skin with an intricate golden design. Chantico Fire is a great investment in 2023 since its design will look better with CSGO 2’s new lighting.

M4A1-S: Hyper Beast ($20 – $500)Hyper Beast skin in CSGO Best Investment in 2023

The Hyper Beast is an expensive skin and for the right reasons. The artwork is quite detailed and vibrant.

Desert Eagle Skins

Desert Eagle: Kumicho Dragon ($10 – $60)CSGO Kumicho Dragon Skin

The Kumicho Dragon Skin is something out of a Yakuza movie. This skin has a dragon design on both body and grip.

Desert Eagle: Printstream ($50 – $180)Printstream Desert Eagle Best Skin to invest in 2023

The Printstream features a modern and clean design with a white background. Its price is high due to the popularity and rarity of white finishes on guns in CSGO.

Desert Eagle: Fennec Fox ($150 – $600)Fennec Fox skin

The Fennec Fox is definitely a pricey skin. But its design makes it stand out from other Deagle skins. You can buy the battle-scarred version of this skin for around $150, and it’ll still look impressive in the game.

These are our picks for the best CS:GO skins to invest in in 2023. The Float Value is an important factor to keep in mind while purchasing skins, so learn more about it in our CSGO section.