Should You Buy Battle Pass In Apex Legends Season 6?

Battle Pass brings up new weapons, skins, emotes and lot more. So if you are thinking whether to buy Battle Pass or not then check this guide.

Battle Pass is one of the most captivating things about Apex Legends and Season 6 brought along a lot of new weapons, character skins along emotes, and everything in between during the reveal. The Battle Pass in Apex Legends looks absolutely vibrant and if you’re wondering about whether or not to buy the Battle Pass, check this guide out.

Is Battle Pass Worth Buying In Apex Legends Season 6?

Season 6 brought along a new legend in Apex Legends, who goes by the name of Rampart. Along with her, battle pass owners are offered a ton of new things that match up with the vibrancy of the new seasons.

Each weapon in Apex Legends has a facelift with the new skins that draw your attention to it, while these all are cosmetic upgrades that you can get in the game if you grind enough with the battle pass bundle, you have the option to get rewards of level 25 immediately.

This will give you 3 Legendary Skins that you get with the normal pass as well, Battle Pass for Season 6 In Apex Legends costs 950 Apex coins and the bundle costs about 2,800 Apex Coins.

For the very first time, it looks like investing in the battle pass will offer you things more valuable than the price of the battle pass. It seems like with Season 6 Apex Legends is adding more color to the game in ways that we only wish it did earlier.

No longer is everything bleak, every element in the game has a distinct personality and things pop out with different skins in Season 6 of Apex Legends.

So, technically if you’re invested in Apex Legends you should definitely check out the battle pass and purchase it as it will offer you a variety of rewards.

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