What Does The Butler In Blox Fruits Do?

Here's a quick guide on what the Butler does in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits is home to a vast world of pirates and bandits who roam the open seas looking for adventure. With the new update 16, the game has expanded in size and scope with all new swords, fruits, and fighting styles. Another new addition is the friendly NPC the Butler. Many players are curious to learn about his purpose in the game and we have all the answers you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at what the Butler does in Blox Fruits.

What Does the Butler in Blox Fruits Do?

what does the butler do in blox fruits

The Butler is a sharp-dressed NPC that you can find standing at the counter in the Castle on the Sea. The Castle is the Safe Zone of the Third Sea but pirates are known to raid its shores too. The Butler is the most knowledgeable NPC in the Third Sea. His main purpose is to inform the players about what they can do in the Third Sea. We recommend talking to him if it’s your first time in the Third Sea.

What do the Butlers’ lines mean?

The Butler has a list of set dialogues that give hints and clues related to items and world events. Let’s look at each of these lines and what they mean.

I heard rumors that if you defeat Rip Indra, who’s currently hidden within this sea, you can mimic a fraction of his power – He can be heard saying this after you beat Rip Indra. You can now use the Teleporter in the Third Sea.

Rumors Say The Legendary samurai also left behind a second katana. personally, it might just be a lie – Here he is dropping hits about the Legendary Sword Tushita.

There’s a crazy dude living in a treehouse at Floating Turtle. He’s always bragging about how he used to be a legendary pirate – Here he is talking about the Hungry Man NPC who gives you the quest that will upgrade your Instinct.

Have you heard of the sealed sword? Rumors say it was left behind by a powerful samurai, but no one knows its current location – Here he is dropping hits about the Legendary Sword Yama.

I heard that sometimes real fruits spawn in this sea yes real fruits, not Blox Fruits – He is talking about fruits you can use to unlock Instincts V2.

Sometimes, respect is the key – Just a greeting, for now, might be a hint for new updates or items.

That’s all we have on what the Butler does in Blox Fruits. Check out How to get Race V4 and stick around on Gamer Tweak for more guides like these.