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How To Get The Burger King Skin In MW2

Here's a guide showing how to get the free Burger King Operator Skin in MW2.

Most Modern Warfare fans have already witnessed the earlier promotions of the game with Burger King. Safe to say that the appearance of Free Burger King Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 2 will not be a big surprise. However, players need to rush and get to that Burger King MW2 meal which will give them this free skin. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the skin and get it. So let’s check out our guide and get the Burger King operator skin.


How to Unlock Free Burger King Operator Skin in MW2

Modern Warfare 2 Get Operator Skin with Burger King Meal

The promotional events of Modern Warfare with Burger King first started all the way back in 2009. Since then, this marketing campaign has made appearances on many other games in the Call of Duty franchise. Now that it is here in MW2, players are excited to see the meal they will get along with the rewards available for the event.


Here’s how to Unlock Free Burger King Operator Skin in MW2:

  • Head over to the Burger King restaurant and purchase an MW2 meal to unlock the Operator Skin.
  • Next, you will get a redeem code along with the meal that will reward you with the free Operator Skin and 2 hours Double XP boost in the Multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 2.

Note that at the time of writing, the multiplayer mode releases along with the official game. However, campaign players can find Burger King Easter eggs in Amsterdam.


Is Burger King MW2 Meal Event Available in NA/ USA?

While it comes as a big surprise considering the amount of revenue these two generate in the country, the promotion is not available in the US. That sounds extremely disappointing for the fans as the sales of CoD top charts in the US.

However, you can still get free rewards from Mountain Dew and Little Caesars. They may not be the same but at least something sounds better than nothing.


Which Regions is Operator Skin available for Modern Warfare 2?

While Burger King is yet to release the full list for this promotional event, 40 countries are going to feature the Burger King MW2 Meal. The list includes countries from Europe like France, Spain, and The Netherlands. Once the entire list is revealed, we will update this guide. You can check local Burger King sites to get confirmation regarding your region.

How Do I Get Burger King Operator Skin in Australia?

If you are living Down Under, the good news is you can get the Operator Skin along with one hour Double XP boost. However, you cannot get the Burger King MW2 Meal there. So head over to Hungry Jacks and get a Modern Warfare 2 Baconator Meal to get the redeem code. Once you get that, you can redeem the free rewards while in the game.

That’s all there is on the Burger King MW2 Meal and how to unlock the Operator Skin. While you are here, make sure you check out our other delicious MW2 guides at Gamer Tweak.