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Burberry X Minecraft Collab Explained

Here is what you should know about the Burberry and Minecraft collaboration.

Burberry is collaborating with Minecraft and fans are interested to know about it. This isn’t the first time this brand did a collaboration with a game. But since it is Minecraft this time, there are a lot more people that want to know about it, even outside the gaming community. So in this guide let us check the Burberry x Minecraft collab and what we can expect from it.


What is Burberry X Minecraft Collab?

is burberry x minecraft collab going to happen

Burberry X Minecraft is the collaboration of the game with the luxury fashion house. You can go to the official website and sign up to register for it. This will allow you to receive updates related to the collaboration, which should include information on what Outerwear, Clothing, or Accessories will be available of or for Minecraft.

At the time of writing this article, we do not know the dates for when the actual Merchandise or in-game items will release. But so far we can confirm a collab is happening, based on the official website of Burberry. Minecraft is yet to post about this collaboration on their Twitter. Hopefully, we can learn more about the collab on whether the merchandise will be in-game items, something more tangible, or maybe both.


What can you expect from this Collaboration?

Based on the previous collaboration of Burberry with Roblox, the idea of receiving in-game items isn’t too wild. In the Burberry x Roblox collaboration, they released their signature Lola bag through five limited-edition virtual designs along with emotes. These 5 bags were:

  • Gem
  • Nimbus
  • Hydro
  • Bloom
  • Reflex

And to add to the exclusivity, these were released for 24 hours only on the Roblox Marketplace, with 5 emotes. While the emotes were free with the bags, each bag costed 800 Robux. Thus we can expect something similar to happen in Minecraft. So there can be Burberry exclusive skins that you can purchase in exchange for Minecoins.


That covers this guide on the Burberry X Minecraft collab. If you like playing this game and are looking to learn more about it then be sure to check out our Minecraft guides.