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When Is Building Coming Back To Fortnite?

Here's our guide on when the building is coming back in Fortnite.

With every new update, Fortnite makes sure to add or remove certain gameplay mechanics into the game. The building has been a fan favorite and one of the best gameplay elements of the game. You can either create stairs or a fort with some materials to defend yourself. But with the new Chapter 3, Season 2 update, Fortnite has removed the building and the ability to build. It is one of the elements that separates the game from other Battle Royale games. So, is it permanent? Here’s our guide on when is the building coming back in Fortnite.

When will Building Return to Fortnite?

The new Resistance update has removed the feature to build from the open world for a while. It was hinted in the trailer of their recent update. In the trailer, all the buildings disappear when Dr. Sloane presses a button along with Prowler, Lara Croft, and Agent Jones whilst entering the Fortnite universe. So, the question is when is the building coming back?

According to the Fortnite loading screen and the Twitter user Hypex, players will need to complete the season-related quests to bring back the buildings. Hypex also added that the building mechanic will be back in a week. As the notice states, it’s up to the resistance and the members of the resistance to get it back.

fortnite is building coming back

With the build feature removed temporarily, players can enjoy the peak experience of Battle Royale and reminisce the good old days of Fortnite (brighter side).

Also as the no-build feature is out of the picture, Fortnite has added a new gameplay mechanic of Overshield. You can use it over your health and shield for defense. While taking any damages, your overshield will deplete before your health and shield. And if your Overshield goes to zero, it recovers itself. The new update also added a new parkour system called the mantle and tactical sprint into the Fortnite universe.

Now coming back to the no-build option, according to Twitter user Shiina, the “No build quests will be activated after the downtime until March 29”. So, you can expect a long grind along with your squad and the members of seven with no build feature in a Limited time mode.

fortnite is building coming back

You can use the ability to build only in competitive modes, Team Rumble, and Creative islands as specified in their recent blog.

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