What Is Radiant Virtue In League Of Legends? (Explained)

Radiant Virtue is a new Mythic Item in LoL. Check out this game to see how it works.

Radiant Virtue is one of the best Mythic Items in League of Legends and the pro players are already dominating with it. After the recent update, it has become even more easier for LoL players to use the Radiant Virtue. So what is this Mythic Item and how does it work? As you read below, we will explain everything there is to this item including the stats, how to use it and how to craft it. Since it is a little expensive, you might want to check out the cost as well.

What is Radiant Virtue in League of Legends?

How to Build Radiant Virtue in LoL

Radiant Virtue is a Mythic Items that is quite overpowered since the League of Legends update. While it does have a Total Price of 3200 (3000 before), it is worth every bit. Looking at the cost, it is quite clear that this item is for the later part of the game and the fact that it is tied to your Ultimate makes it an even more convincing investment. When used correctly, the Radiant Virtue can help players overpower the opponents.

How to Build Radiant Virtue in LoL

The Total Price of Radiant Virtue is 3200. If players want to build Radiant Virtue in LoL, they will need to follow this build path –

  • Aegis of the Legion – 1200 Gold
  • Kindlegem – 800 Gold
  • Ruby Crystal – 400 Gold
  • Recipe Price – 800 Gold

All Radiant Virtue Abilities in League of Legends

  • Guilding Light – Upon casting your ultimate you Transcend, increasing your max health by 10% for 9 seconds. While Transcended, you and allies within 1200 range of you gain 15 non-ultimate ability haste and heal for 1% of your max health every 3 seconds, increased by up to 100% based on that champion’s missing health. 60-second cooldown.
  • Passive – The passive ability grants all other Legendary Items 100 Health.

All Radiant Virtue Stats in LoL

Here are all stats for Radiant Virtue in League of Legends:

  • Health – 400
  • Armor – 30
  • Magic Resist – 30
  • Ability Haste – 20

That’s all we have on Radiant Virtue in LoL. While you are here, check out our other League of Legends guides right here at Gamer Tweak.