Harry Potter Build – How To Make Harry In Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator

Here's a guide that will help you build your character like Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator.

Wondering how to build your character like Harry Potter in the Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator? Then you are at the right place as this guide is all you need. As fans of the book and the movie series that introduced us to the wizarding world, looking like Harry Potter would be one of the first things on the minds of players. Once the character creator pops up after you get the Hogwarts letter, you will have to make the following changes to appear as the Chosen One. So if you want to play the game as the Boy Who Lived, then keep reading below as this guide has you covered.

How to Build Harry Potter on Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator

The inspiration behind Harry in our guide is a mixture of the book and movie characters. Of course, it is impossible to make him look like Daniel Radcliffe. However, since you join as a Fifth Year in Hogwarts, we can make the look closer to the Order of Phoenix. Here’s all you have to do to build your character as Harry Potter on Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator.


Presets to Build Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

You need to choose a male character, preferably the fourth one in the first row. However, it won’t matter much as almost the entire look will get a tweak.


Facewear to Make Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

This is where the magic starts to happen as you build your character as Harry. You will have to choose the following options:

  • Face Shape – Select the third option in the first row.
  • Skin Color – Choose the extreme left option as Harry looks quite pale in Order of the Phoenix.
  • Glasses – Whether it is Hogwarts Legacy or any other game, you cannot build Harry Potter without the iconic round glasses. Hence, selecting the first option is what you need to do.


Hairstyles for Harry

Hairstyles are one of the tricky parts as most hairstyles resemble Potter that J.K Rowling envisioned in the books. Thankfully, the following options will help you recreate a closer look to Order of the Phoenix:

  • Hair Color – You can select the Fourth option for the best hair color. It opposes the pure black color of Harry’s hair in the books but will also provide a familiar brown-black blend.
  • Hairstyle – To recreate the look from the Fifth Harry Potter installment, you need to scroll down to the second last row and select the third style here.


Harry Potter Scars in Hogwarts Legacy

Complexion is one of the most disappointing setting of character creation if you are looking to build Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy. You will soon find out why, in the meanwhile, you can select the following options:

  • Freckles & Moles – Harry has no such revealing Freckles or Moles so select the option on the Extreme Left.
  • Complexion – The horrible dreams of Voldemort haven’t had a good effect on Harry and hence, he does develop a certain type of complexion. The second last option on the right works perfectly for that.
  • Scars – It is extremely disappointing that the iconic scar which was a huge part of the Wizarding world did not appear in the game. However, you can choose the second last option to give a close resemblance to Harry.


Eyebrow Settings to Build Harry Potter

This is the last part of your character creation and soon you will have a build closer to Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy. So choose the following options and make your character ready for the world of Hogwarts:

  • Eye Color – For Eye Color, we will provide you with two options, either the fourth or the fifth from the right. As you can see, the fourth eye color is blue which is close to the movies. However, the fifth one from the right is greener in color which resembles the eyes of Harry from the books. The choice here is yours.
  • Eyebrow Color – For the Eyebrow Color, we would prefer to go with the one on the extreme left. It blends properly with the hair color and also the shape of the eyebrow that we are about to choose.
  • Eyebrow Shape – For the shape, simply select the second one as it is the closest to what you need.

Finalize Your Character

Finalise Your Character

For this one, we don’t really need to provide you with any build ideas as such. You need to choice the pitch of your character and the difficulty settings. And in the text box for the name, you can put in Harry Potter and then start the game.

Check out this video guide to get a good glimpse at our character build

That’s all there is on how to make Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator. While you are here, make sure you check other Hogwarts Legacy guides right here at Gamer Tweak.