Minecraft Enderman Farm Build Guide

Learn how to build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is an amazing Sandbox game that brings the 2D Pixels aesthetic to a 3D game. You can play in Singleplayer and create magnificent builds like Monuments, various Realms, Redstone Machines, etc. Among other Builds, Farms are a staple in any Minecraft World. Some are resource-based like Wheat, Fish, etc. But some of the more important ones are Blaze Rods, Gold, Iron, & especially Ender Pearls. In this guide, I will show you how to Build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft.

How to Build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft

build enderman farm minecraft

Before we can build the Enderman Farm, we will have to decide where to make it in Minecraft. There are a few Biomes that the Enderman can spawn. Those being the Warped Forests in the Nether Dimension & the End. In the Nether, they spawn uncommonly so making an Enderman Farm here will not make the effort worth it. So, let’s make the Enderman Farm in the End Dimension. For that, you will have to first defeat the Ender Dragon. Once that is done, follow the steps below to make the Enderman Farm.

Steps to make the Enderman Farm

  • You will need the following Materials:
    • Bucket of Lava x1
    • Bucket of Water x1
    • Building Blocks x1414
    • Carpet x123
    • Chest x2 (or make a storage system)
    • Ender Pearls x16
    • Hopper x9
    • Iron bars x1
    • Ladder x64
    • Leaves x128
    • Minecart x1
    • Name Tag x1
    • Rail x1
    • Temporary Blocks x64
    • Trapdoor x8
  • Once you have all of them, go to the End and head towards the edge of the End Island.
  • Now place your Lava Bucket on the Edge and let the Lava flow downwards.
  • Let the Lava reach the Bottom of the End.
  • Once it does, place a Water Bucket down such that it converts all of the Lava into Cobblestone.
  • Now go down with the water to the end of the Cobblestone Pillar you made with the Lava.
  • On the last Block of the Pillar, place Leaves to stand on.
  • Now place Ladders on the Cobblestone Pillars to the top of it.
  • Once that is done, go back down and go 128 Blocks in the direction opposite the End Island.
  • This is where we will build the Enderman Farm in Minecraft
  • At the end of the Leaves path, make a 9×9 Platform with Building Blocks such that there is a 3×3 hole in the Middle.
  • Fill that hole with Hoppers. Here you can place a Chest such that all Hoppers are facing it or make a Storage System or Storage Silo.
  • After that, Place Carpets over the Hoppers.
  • Now on the platform, make a 2 Block high Pillar with Temporary Blocks.
  • Then place a Building Block and make a Border around the Hopper platform.
  • Make this layer as wide as the 9×9 Platform.
  • On this layer, place Double Carpets such that they stack over each other.
  • Make sure to leave a one-block wide ring near the hole.
  • On that ring, place a Temporary Block and then a Building Block.
  • Make a Ring of the same size as the Ring below.
  • The Ring should be size 4×4.
  • Repeat this step till you get to Y-Level 44.
  • After that, make the topmost ring a Platform of 13×13. Do not cover the hole.
  • After making the Ring wider, place the Trapdoors on the inside of the Ring.
  • Place 3 on one side, 3 on the opposite sides, and 2 in the middle of the remaining sides.
  • Subsequently, we will be making the mechanism that makes our Minecrafty Enderman Farm run.
  • After that, with the help of Temporary Blocks, place one in the middle of the hole slightly above it.
  • The Temporary Blocks should make an L shape where the verticle line is 3 blocks high.
  • After that, place an Iron Bar on the L.
  • Place a Carpet on the Iron Bar.
  • Place Temporary Blocks on each side of the Carpet.
  • Encase it with Temporary blocks such that it looks like a cage of Temporary Blocks.
  • Subsequently, place a Rail in it.
  • Make sure to cover the Carpet, this is to prevent the Endermite, that we are going to spawn,  from escaping.
  • After that, start throwing the Ender Pearls to spawn the Endermite.
  • Once it spawns, place a Name Tag on it & put it in the Minecart.
  • Push it on top of the block which is above the Carpet we made earlier.
  • Break that block to land it on the Carpet.
  • After that, place a Carpet on the Minecart.
  • Break your Temporary Blocks cage.

This will instantly make the Enderman aggro the Endermite & they will fall down the Hole. Now you can go to the Bottom and kill the Enderman and gain XP & Ender Pearls. You can check out Shulkercraft’s video on the same for a visual representation.

This was all about how to build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Make A Locator Map in Minecraft.