Use THIS Build Exploit In Fortnite To Safely Build Through Any Wall

Some Fortnite bugs are really awesome, like this one. Build anything by staying behind the wall hidden from eyes of enemies.

Fortnite has always been more about than just a battle royale game and building structure and exploiting these builds have been one of the key elements of the game ever since it was released. A new building exploit lets users stay in cover and be able to build structure outside making sure that they do not take any damage. If you would like to know how to do it, make sure to check out our guide on it.

How To Build Through Any Wall In Fortnite

Fortnite allows its players to get creative and build structures that both provide a defensive cover or a vantage point from where you can land shots to your opponents while being safe but each structure has had its flaws as there is only one layer of safety between you and your opponent.

This new exploit lets users build through any walls they want in Fortnite battle royale ensuring that you will be not only using a cone or a ramp to keep yourself safe.

While building through walls has been around technically for a while now, players weren’t able to do it because it took a lot of time and neither was convenient for them without having to reveal themselves.

Reddit u/OfficialHR posted a video that shows a better and quicker way to build entire structures through the safety of your walls where you can even trap opposing players or keep building more safe structures and wait out the assault to heal yourself.

Doing this will take some time to perfect as you have to move to a specific left area of your structure and then find a tiny bit of gap but for veterans who have been playing Fortnite right from the start this should be second nature and can use this trick immediately in games.

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For new players, there certainly is a learning curve which we won’t deny but if you keep on practicing this long enough you will surely be able to exploit this move and build to your heart’s content.

Watch the video and hopefully, it helps you in the game to get more victories and earn those sweet battle royale points. This is all there is to know about how to exploit the build through walls in Fortnite.