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Bugsnax Will Be Temporary Exclusive on PS5, PC Version Releases Via Epic Games Store

Thanks to the most recent Sony event we were able to take a look at the first confirmed games for PS5. As you have already seen in the reveal, there were a lot of announcements of big games, but this show was also used by some indie developers to show their next projects. Such is the case of Young Horses, the creators of Octodad, who presented Bugsnax, a title that will come as a PlayStation 5 exclusive on consoles.

In the same broadcast, the indie developer shared the first trailer for Bugsnax, a game that will be part of the PlayStation 5 launch lineup and will not only release on that console, but it was announced that, as part of an exclusivity agreement with the brand, Bugsnax will also launch on PlayStation 4. It was also revealed that it will come to PC at the same time, but as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

It is important to know that Bugsnax is just as eccentric as Octodad. In the game, you will take on the role of a journalist who received an invitation from the discredited explorer Elizabert Megafig, in which she advises him that she discovered something surprising on an island: half-bug half-snack creatures known as Bugsnax.

This indie will take advantage of the functions of the PlayStation 5, as it was revealed that thanks to DualSense, the new controller of the next-generation console, it will be possible to feel different vibrations depending on the terrain you step on, feel the tension of the various traps to catch Bugsnax and even listen to these creatures with the help of the remote control speakers.

You can check the reveal trailer of the game below, which includes several minutes of gameplay.