What Are The Brown Things In Mario Called?

The fictional mushroom-like brown things in Mario are not that mysterious since they have been available in almost all the Mario games I have played. They are basically obstacles that players can cross quite clearly. However, players would want to know what their opponents are called exactly since they haven’t really been labeled specifically in the game.

Having said that, it won’t make a very big difference since they are quite weak and you can sail over them easily. However, for a game like Super Mario Bros. they are sort of a hurdle that players need to cross. Nevertheless, if you are inclined on finding out more about them, here’s what the brown mushroom-like creatures are called in Mario.

What are the Brown Things in Mario Called?

What Are The Brown Thing In Mario Called

The brown things in Mario are called Goomba and known in Japan as Kuribō, these fictional mushroom-like species can be found in almost every Mario game. I first encountered them while playing Super Mario Bros. but could not put a name to them. They are a part of Bowser’s Army and are a simple and easy to defeat enemy that has also made its way onto the television and films of the Mario franchise.

Goombas are based on shiitake mushrooms and resemble them in color and shape as well. They were added later on in the game when the Koopa Troopa were found to be quite challenging and the developers wanted something easy. Since they entered Mario, they have remarkably settled down and are now part of other games in the franchise as well.

If you find a Goomba blocking your way, simply jump on the head of this brown things in Mario and you should be able to overcome the obstacle.

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