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Bronze In Rune Factory 5 – How To Get It & Location Guide

Learn how to get & use Bronze in Rune Factory 5 from this guide.

Bronze is an ore resource item in the game. Just like Gold & Silver, it is a material that is used in crafting and forging. You will need a good amount of it if you want to survive in Rigbarth. In this guide, I will show you how to Get Bronze in Rune Factory 5 & what you can do with it.

How to Get Bronze in Rune Factory 5


bronze rune factory 5

As I have mentioned above, Bronze is an Ore item. Similar to Silver & Gold, you can get Bronze in Rune Factory 5 by Mining. In the Mining Caves, you will have to find Reddish Rocks that are interactable. Mine them and you should be able to get Bronze. Do keep in mind that you will also get Iron or other such Ores along with Bronze. The areas that you should go mining for Bronze are:

  • The First Floor in Atohl’s End
  • The Second Floor in Kelve Lava Cave
  • First Floor in Cloudheim
  • Second Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • First Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • The First Floor in Kelve Lava Cave


Go Mining in these locations & you will be able to get Bronze Ores for various recipes. It is used in recipes that make Weapons. Some of the Weapons that use Bronze are Cutlass, Steel Edge, Zweihaender, Great Sword, Lance+, Needle Spear, Battle Scythe, & Pole Axe. Other recipes that use it in Rune Factory 5 are Shields like Round Shield & Turtle Shield. The recipe for making a Mail also requires it. There are also Accessories like the Bronze Bracelet that requires this material. Farming Items like the Sturdy Hoe, Tin Waterpot, Iron Sickle, Chopping Axe, Bronze Hammer, & Beginner’s Pole also use Bronze as a component in their recipes

This was all about getting the Bronze resource item in Rune Factory 5. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Get Fodder in Rune Factory 5.