How To Play And Master Brimstone In Valorant

Brimstone specializes in raining down hellfire from the skies. By the looks of it, Brimstone looks like an army general who has a ton of toys at his disposal. Brimstone’s abilities let him manipulate the enemy’s movement and then striking hard when it counts. If you want to learn more about Brimstone’s abilities check out the entire guide.

Brimstone Abilities in Valorant

Brimstone is locked and loaded for war, being a veteran in these situations he has perfected quite a few aspects which his abilities work in unison for massive impact. See, Brimstone’s abilities let him manipulate where he wants them to go.

This ability to dictate your opponent’s play, helps him get his enemies in a trap before dealing with a massive blow.


This ability lets Brimstone throw a grenade that will cover a small area up in flames damaging anyone who dares cross it.

Stim Beacon

If you think that your firing speed isn’t good enough, you can select an area where you can call in a beacon that will give any nearby player a boost in firing speed.

Sky Smoke

This is Brimstone’s signature ability, use this to block the enemy’s vision and then forcing them to fight you in the blind or divert them to where you would like them to be. This is one of the best abilities that Brimstone has.

Orbital Strike (Ultimate Ability)

While other abilities of Brimstone involve trapping and misdirecting your opponent, the Orbital Strike is the final answer when it comes to destruction. This will send a deadly orbital strike that will destroy anyone in a specific area for a couple of seconds.

All of these abilities come together to deliver a massive blow to your opponent’s team, Brimstone mains are usually tacticians who are well versed with the map and know how to anticipate enemy movement.

This is all there is to know about how to play as Brimstone in Valorant for maximum impact, make sure to check out our guide on how to play using Omen in Valorant.