How To Get Briar Branches In New World?

Check out everything you need to know about Briar branches in New World in this article.

Briar branches in New World are thickets that are formed by thorny bushes. You will need them to complete the Prickly Request quest. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it in the game.

How to Get Briar Branches in New World?

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You can usually find Briars in areas that have water bodies located nearby. River shores are good places to find Briars in New World. To have a good chance of finding it, you can move in the westward direction from Westward as soon as you know about the quest.

You will be happy to know that you do not need any special items or tools to collect Briars in New World. Once you find them, all you will need to do is press the E key. Doing so will give you 2 Briar branches, which you will have to store in your inventory.  As you need 8 of these branches, you will need to collect branches from a total of 4 Briars. Once you collect all of the required materials for the Prickly Request quest, head back to Barkeep Cormack to collect your reward.

What are the Uses of Briar Branches In New World?

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As mentioned earlier, you need to use Briar branches in the Prickly Request quest. You need to find several of these branches that have been harvested from Briars. This quest is located in Windsward from Barkeep Cormack. You will have to collect other items like 3 Skinned Rabbits, 6 Plucked Turkeys. Apart from these, you will need to also collect 8 Briar branches for the quest.

This brings us to the end of this guide on everything that you need to know about Briar branches in New World. These branches are valuable in the game because of their importance in the Prickly Request quest.

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