How To Breed Carillong On Magical Sanctum In My Singing Monsters

Here is how you can breed a Carillong on the Magical Sanctum island in My Singing Monsters.

Many My Singing Monsters players are wondering how they can breed Carillong on the Magical Sanctum island. The reason this question arises is that it is a special monster. You cannot breed it normally, but rather only during an in-game event. So here is how you can get a Carillong in My Singing Monsters (MSM) by breeding on the Magical Sanctum island.

How to Breed Carillong in My Singing Monsters (Magical Sanctum)

how to breed carillong on magical sanctum in my singing monsters
Image Credit: Bay Yolal on YouTube

You need to Breed a Mushaboom with a Roarick on the Magical Sanctum island in order to get Carillong. Carillong appears during Crescendo Moon. While the dates of this event change yearly based on the lunar new year. This year it will start on 18th January and will end on January 30th.

This is a seasonal monster so you cannot breed it anytime. Although there is an exception to this clause, if you breed it on Seasonal Shanty. But here is what you need to do to get it in Magical Sanctum:

  1. Go to the Magical Sanctum Island.
  2. Interact with the Breeding Structure.
  3. First select Mushaboom, then choose Roarick. The order doesn’t really matter so if you fail to breed Carillong the first time you can try swapping them.
  4. Normally, breeding should take you 19 hours and 30 minutes to check which monster you bred.
  5. Either wait for the time to pass or speed up the process by spending Diamonds.
  6. Once the time is over the game will show you the monster you bred and if you are lucky it will be a Carillong.

Tips to Breed Carillong easily

  • Light Wishing Torches: These will increase your odds of getting a Carillong when bred the above to monsters. The more torches you light the better.
  • Increase the level of the Parent Monsters: You need your monsters to be at least level 4 before breeding. The higher this level is the better your chance of getting the desired monster. In this case Carillong.

That covers this guide on how to breed Carillong on Magical Sanctum in My Singing Monsters. I suggest you also check our guide on how to level up fast to get more help in this game.