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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Hunter Locations

Bounty Hunting is unlocked after interacting with Caij Vanda in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. There is a total of 17 Bounties and here are their locations.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal Kestis (protagonist) is on a run and is tackling all the incoming dangers. But what if he becomes a danger himself? I mean, what if Cal Kestis becomes a Bounty Hunter? Well, Bounty Hunting is another activity like Rumors & other side quests that players can complete to earn Exp Points, etc. However, it is not something readily available to you. Instead, you need to unlock it by completing certain objectives. So, here’s how you can unlock Bounty Hunting in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Also, know the locations for each and every Bounties that you need to collect for rewards.

How to Unlock Bounty Hunting in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To unlock Bounty Hunting, you need to complete the Research Tanalorr Koboh quest. Wherein, you need to complete and win a boss fight against a Bounty Hunter known as Korej Lim. Once you have defeated it, you must interact with Caij Vanda. She will ask you to defeat Bounty Hunters for her that are scattered across the map.

Bounty Hunting in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Once you have unlocked Bounty Hunting in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you need to defeat 17 Hunters. For your reference, we will be listing down locations for all 17 of them below.

All 17 Bounty Hunter Locations in Jedi Survivor

Here’s the location for all the 17 Bounties in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Bounty Hunter Locations in Koboh

  • Korej Lim
    • Location: Available via the main story quest. Found in the Devastated Settlement, Koboh.
  • Meyen Corr
    • Location: In Harvest Ridge, look for a path between the Boiling Buff and Untamed Downs. Found next to an outpost.
  • Kip Ostar
    • Location: Further, this one is hiding inside the Broken Tunnel with Roller Mines in Derelict Dam, Koboh.
  • Raz
    • Location: Look for this Bounty Hunter in the Upper Level of the Forest Array region of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Selfin Jook
    • Location: Look for it on a platform in the Observatory Understructure region.
  • Vaslyn Martz
    • Location: This Bounty shows up after you have defeated all the enemies in the Fogged Expanse area.
  • Caij Vanda
    • Location: Available after defeating all other 16 Bounties. Once done, look for it in the Devastated Settlement area.

Bounty Hunter Locations in Jedha

  • Corde The Half – With PR-85T The Other Half
    • Location: Look for it at the top of the cliff of the Halls of Ranvell.
  • Yuhong
    • Location: In the Path of Restoration region of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, look for this Bounty Hunter in the Anchorite’s Base.
  • Kili Oso
    • Location: Look for it inside the Sanctuary Temple after Haxion Brood invades the Timeworn Bridge. You can not fast travel to the Temple so use the Timeworn Bridge Meditation Point.

Bounty Hunter Locations in Nova Garon

  • Masi Finau, Fenn Finau, and Kle-0
    • Location: Head over to the Hangar Bay Exterior.

Bounty Hunter Loctions in Shattered Moon

  • Mash
    • Location: You can find this Bounty Hunter in the Automated Forge region.
  • Jo the Cannibal
    • Location: Further, you can find it in the Yurt Barracks along with a Magnaguard Droid and a Bedlam Raider.

Bounty Hunter Locations in Coruscant

  • Gatt Medo
  • Location: Lastly, it is found in the Freight Handling Depot. In addition, look for this Bounty Hunter at the lower levels careful. There will be Haxion Brood Commandos around so be alert.

How to Get Bounty Hunter Missions in Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Track Bounties

Once you have unlocked the Bounty Hunter missions, Caij Vanda will join you at Pyloon’s Saloon. After that, you can talk to her there to get the location for your Bounty. However, you can also directly head to the above-mentioned locations and eliminate them without even talking to Caij.

That’s everything from our side about unlocking and finding Bounty Hunters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Now that you are, why don’t you check out our other Jedi Survivor Guides on Gamer Tweak for more such content?