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How To Use Invincibility & Boss God Mode Glitch In Elden Ring?

Read this guide to learn how to use the Invincibility and Boss Mode Glitch in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring players have recently come across a glitch or two in the game, and they are the Invincibility and Boss Mode Glitch. Both these glitches allow you to beat the game more quickly. However, for those not familiar with these glitches, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to use these glitches to your advantage.

How to Use Invincibility & Boss God Mode Glitch in Elden Ring?



Invincibility Glitch

As the name suggests, this glitch allows you to practically be immortal when playing Elden Ring. In order to use it, you first need to start a new game, pick your character, and head over to the Chapel of Anticipation. Once here, you will encounter the Grafted Scion boss. Do not fight him back. You need him to kill you, so do not defend yourself. As soon as you die in the game, immediately press Alt + F4 to close the game.


Once you close the game, you need to wait for it to completely stop. Once the game completely stops, reopen it. Head back to the exact same location as before (Church of Anticipation) by loading up your save. Now, if you take a look at your health stats, they will tell you that you are low on health. However, ignore them and head back to the location of the Grafted Scion boss. This time, you can fight him.

When fighting this boss, you will notice that despite all his attacks, you lose no health. This is a confirmation of the glitch working, and turning you invincible. Keep attacking the boss until you defeat him.

And that’s all you need to know about the Invincibility Glitch in Elden Ring.


Boss Mode Glitch for Mohg Lord of Blood

This glitch allows you to skip the second phase of this boss fight. To use the Boss Mode glitch in Elden Ring for Mohg, Lord of Blood, you need to head towards Warmaster’s Shack.

Make sure to only do so at night. Once you make it to the shack at night, you will be invaded by the Bell Bearing Hunter. Upon successfully defeating him, you will receive a Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing.


Once you do so, you need to go to Fort Haight for the recipe that will help you defeat Mohg. Go to the lower section of the fort to find an item on a corpse.

Next, head over to the Church of Elleh to farm some feathers. Once here, you need to kill the large eagle-like birds sitting on the edge of the cliff. Doing so will help you collect important feathers. We recommend you use a bow to kill these avians, as using a sword will alert them of your presence and allow them to escape. Killing them will give you Flight Pinions and the Four-Toed Fowl Foot.

Next, go to Liurnia of the Lakes and head over to Rose Church. Here, you need to retrieve a decent amount of Bloodrose. After you do so, fast travel to the Lost Grace, and then head back.

After you complete these steps, visit the Two Maidens and offer them the bell you received earlier in this guide. Doing so will enable you to purchase Thin Beast Bones. Next, craft the Blood Borne Arrow.

Attach the fresh Blood Borne Arrows to your bow, and keep shooting in the direction of the boss from a distance. After causing some bleed damage, switch over to your poison arrows to cause even more damage. Repeating this process will render the Mohg, Lord of Blood boss frozen.

Once frozen, head over towards him. You can now repeatedly attack him, without expecting any retaliation from him. Avoid staggering him so that he does not unfreeze. You can keep attacking until Mohg runs out of health, and eventually dies.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about both, the Invincibility, as well as Boss Mode glitches for Elden Ring. As you can see, these glitches offer you the ability to get through some of the game’s toughest parts with ease. We recommend you use them quickly, so as to avoid them getting taken out of the game.

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