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Glitch To Easily Get All Six New Legendary Items In Borderlands

Respawn Glitch That Summons All 6 Legendary Chest In One Go

Borderlands Remastered has six new Legendary items and it requires a ton of grinding before you get your hands on all of them. The first chest is available once you kill a Level 32 Boss The Destroyer who is located in the Vault. After killing him a bunch of chests appears and you can unlock them one by one. It is for sure that one among them will give you a guaranteed Legendary item.


Now to get all Legendaries at the same time you can try out a simple glitch discovered by Youtuber Joltzdude139, who also shared a video. Follow the simple steps and to know more watch the video below.

How To Easily Unlock All Legendaries

  • Kill the Destroyer first in the Vault and use the Fast Travel point to visit any DLC Location – for example – the Underdome.
  • Save and Quiet The Game.
  • Load the game back and start from the last location – the Underdome.
  • Use the fast travel point to return back to the Vault and you will see the Chest.

Repeat the process to get all the Legendaries in one go, you can test this out until the developer patches this.



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