Borderlands GOTY Edition Is Free This Weekend

Borderlands 3 is just around if you wish to take part in this series now is the perfect time as the original game is free for everyone over the weekend. Get used to the game that started this shooty looty madness and see how it has evolved over the years.

Borderlands Game Of The Year version is free for all from the period of 12:01 am PDT/BST on Friday to 11:59 pm PDT/BST on Sunday. This version is a remake of the original with 4K ready graphics and enhanced visual support with access to all the DLC material. You can also get up to 4 players in local play and Gearbox is generously giving away the game for players to enjoy.

You will earn bonus points which you can spend in Borderlands 3 by getting a brand new skin or a head on the very first day or you could spend these bonus points to get some crazy goodies Borderlands 3 has to offer. You will earn 1000 VIP points for logging into the game each day and another bonus 1000 points for logging in each day.

If you wish to continue playing this version of Borderlands further than the time then you can opt to buy the game at 40% off the original asking price. Borderlands GOTY edition has its epic moments and will keep you stuck to your console for your console. It’s a game that you would not want to keep away from.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get the game for 50% off and the game has more to discover if you have already played through the original one too.

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