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Borderlands 3: Mysterious Amulet Artifact

Here's how to get Mysterious Amulet Artifact in Borderlands 3 Director's Cut DLC.

The Director’s Cut DLC for Borderlands 3 is now available. It contains some new material, such as new quests, a new advancement scheme, and a variety of new items. The Mysterious Amulet Artifact is one of the most unique artifacts in the game. Even the Artifact Effects of this item in Borderlands 3 are unlike anything else in the game. In addition, the game’s description does not explain what it does. What it says is a little bit of information like 100%, 5%, and three question marks following them. Don’t worry if this is confusing due to a lack of clarity. Today we’ll look at what the Mysterious Amulet Artifact is, how to get it, and how to use it.

How to Get Mysterious Artifact?


You must complete the optional quest Mysteriouslier: Horror at Scryer’s Crypt to get the Borderlands 3 Mysterious Amulet Artifact. After completing Mysteriouslier: Ghosts of Karass Canyon, Ava will give you this final Director’s Cut mission. You will get three chests after killing The Seer (the final boss), one of which will contain the Mysterious Amulet Artifact. The Mysteriouslier podcast optional quest will conclude once you’ve picked up this unique artifact.

Unique Mysterious Amulet Artifact in Borderlands 3

How to Use Mysterious Amulet Artifact in Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut?


To use the Mysterious Artifact in Borderlands 3, you simply have to equip it into an appropriate slot in Borderlands 3. This is a unique Artifact with which you can farm Eridium more effectively. The Mysterious Artifact will give you two special advantages once it is equipped:

  • There’s a 5% chance you’ll discover more Eridium deposits nearby.
  • Get 100% (2x double)  more Eridium from all sources.

This means that once you equip the Artifact, you have a 5% more probability of discovering an Eridium deposit that will otherwise be unobtainable before. These appear at random in the world while you explore them. With the artifact equipped they will be easy to find as shimmering objects.
Then 100% represents how much extra Eridium you get from both of these sources, including Eridium veins and new locations revealed by the 5% chance.


That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use Mysterious Amulet Artifact in Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut DLC. Stay tuned and check our Borderlands 3 Wiki section for more updates.