Where to Find Black Market Maurice in Borderlands 3 (BL3)

Find out the location of Black Market Maurice in BL3.

Black Market Maurice is a Vendor in Borderlands 3 that was added in the new DLC. This Vendor deals in Legendary Weapons on the Black Market. However, the prices are anything but Black Market. Kinda pretentious, but, okay. The problem with Black Market Maurice just like real-world Black Market dealers is the fact that their location keeps changing pretty frequently. For Black Market Maurice this occurs on a weekly basis. And it’s not like the store location is marked on the map, which causes further annoyance. In this guide, we tell you the Black Market Maurice location in Borderlands 3 for the week from April 8 to April 15.

Where is Black Market Maurice located in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Black Market Maurice
Black Market Maurice is seen in Ambermire.

You can find Black Market Maurice at the top of the map in Ambermire on Eden-6. Black Market Maurice will stay there till the 15th of April and will have a new location post that. It is pretty easy to spot as it is a bright red vending machine selling guns. Very natural, nothing wrong with it at all. Black Market Maurice usually spawns in Base Camp areas which actually makes it a bit easier to access.

We still don’t know whether its inventory updates every week too with the change in location. It might but we can’t confirm until next week when it changes its location yet again. For this week its Legendary weapon inventory hold includes Breath of the Dying, Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth, and Double-Penetrating Redline. However, as mentioned before the prices are still pretty high for someone that calls themselves a Black Market Dealer.

That is everything you need to know about where to find Black Market Maurice in Borderlands 3. If you want to own Legendary weapons you can try your luck at getting Legendary weapon drops by facing Hemovorous The Invincible.