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How to Defeat Haderax the Invincible in Borderlands 2

Here's how to kill the giant raid boss

In the Borderlands 2 DLC ‘Commander Lilith and the Fight for Santuary’, you will encounter a raid boss named Haderax the Invincible. Players need to be at level 30 to access this DLC, so make sure you have attained this level.

Haderax is a deadly Sand Worm raid boss which can be found in Writhing Deep. You will need 20 Eridium to summon Haderax. It’s a giant creature which keeps slithering in and out of the ground. The reason behind its humongous size? Hector’s mutating plant gasses! This raid boss is quite dangerous due to the speed and incredible healing mechanics that it has. It spits out a disgusting acid ball and also sends out spikes that can cause considerable damage. There are geysers in this arena that will shoot you up if you stand on them.

Haderax is truly invincible if you try to keep shooting at him without a proper strategy. But if you want to defeat Haderax the Invincible, you will need to follow certain important steps.

Borderlands 2 : Haderax the Invincible Guide

Due to its speed and healing capacity, players must think fast and attack its weak spot before it gets time to heal. Its weak spot is hidden at the back of its head. But due to its speed, it gets tricky to do it all alone.

So the first trick is to find a party. This will help you take down the enemy in an easier way. Jump on the platforms to grab the sand worm’s attention. The boss will then unleash a slam attack on that player. It is during this time that you must rain bullets on the boss at the back of its head. Once it is stunned, you can shoot inside the mouth since that is also its weak spot.

How to Easily Beat Haderax the Invincible in Borderlands 2

Another thing that you should pick correctly is your gear. Use the Toothpick assault rifle for this purpose. It’s an amazing weapon that is very useful against bosses. It has 100 Accuracy and a very high damage stat. This rifle will shoot two horizontal lines of five bullets at a time, making it perfect for Haderax’s doom. How to get the Toothpick assault rifle? You can get it as a drop from Sand Worms or Sand Worm Queens. So, to get your hands on this weapon, you need to start farming them. There is also a chance of getting Toothpick during the ‘The Hunt is Vaughn’ quest.

The combination of the Toothpick, Retainer and Mouthwash will be deadly for this creature. The damage dealt and the increased movement speed you gain through this combo will bring down Haderax and show that he’s not really that invincible if you have the right strategy.

Also note that weapons like the Conference Call can allow players to shoot the hidden weak spot on this raid boss from below. Plus, you can get to the top of the preparation room by climbing up and shoot Haderax from there.

So these were some strategies to easily beat Haderax the Invincible. Be sure to keep checking GamerTweak for more useful guides, tips and tricks.