Genshin Impact: How To Get And Use Boon Of The Elder Tree

In a recent update, Genshin Impact was introduced by a new Sumeru Region representing the Dendro element. There are multiple collectible items in the games that can be used to claim rewards in this game. These collectible items can be consumables, certain materials, or maybe a gadget. Speaking of gadgets, is an item used for the utility of the Traveller in this game. The sixth tab in the Inventory contains all the gadgets. However, these gadgets are not directly available to equip as they need to be unlocked. Boon of the Elder Tree is one such gadget that needs to be unlocked in Genshin Impact to enjoy its benefit. Know how to get and use this gadget in this game through our detailed guide on it.

How to Get and Use Boon of the Elder Tree in Genshin Impact

Boon of the Elder Tree in Genshin Impact

These gadgets can be equipped into a quick-use slot so that they can be used directly from there. Also, after using once, they enter into cooldown mode. Although, here’s how to get the Boon of the Elder Tree gadget:

  • To unlock this gadget, you need to be on Reputation level 3 of Sumeru.
  • Unlocking the Reputation system requires an Adventure Rank 25. In addition, you should have completed Chapter III: Act II – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings and Corps of Thirty Recruitment quests to earn a Reputation in the Sumeru region.
  • Complete bounties, requests, quests, and explore the map to gain some Reputation.
  • Later, when you have reached Reputation level 3 in the Sumeru region, head over to Akademiya Liaison in Sumeru City and interact with Effendi.
  • Further, check your reputation by asking him and from there claim Boon of the Elder Tree gadget.
  • Now, this gadget is used to collect all the wood materials from nearby trees without moving a single muscle.
  • Simply equip it from the Inventory and use it near any tree.
  • Also, it enters a 15 seconds cooldown after using once.

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That’s everything you should know about the Boon of the Elder Tree gadget in Genshin Impact. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on Genshin Impact.