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Lost Ark: What Is The Book Of Demons Used For?

Is there a quest that uses the Book of Demons in Lost Ark or is it entirely useless? Here's all that's known.

The Book of Demons is a book sold by Naphta the Demon merchant. The contents of it are in an ancient language and its buying price is 250 Shillings whereas its selling price is 13. Many players have got their hands on the Book Of Demons in Lost Ark during a quest but are not sure how to use it. Let’s take a look at all the information that’s known about it.

How to Use the Book of Demons in Lost Ark?


How to Use the Book of Demons in Lost Ark

When you are in the Flowering Orchard zone, you will meet a merchant. He will sell you the Book of Demons item. Players that have bought it are confused about its actual use and it’s just sitting in their inventory. According to a few players, there’s a quest in that exact zone where you will need to use this book. But most others believe that this book is useless as of now. The Demon’s book item cannot be dismantled and cannot be traded as well. So, if you are considering buying it, don’t!

Will there be an update in the future that will add a use for the Book of Demons in Lost Ark? We’re not sure. Since the game already has a lot of things to do, this little book might just be added for fun. But then again, the book sounds important, you know? It doesn’t sound like it’s a superficial addition.


If you’d like to explore the region and figure out if there’s a side quest that uses this book, the location you need to go back to is Flowering Orchard. It is located in East Luterra. But if you don’t, hold on to the book – maybe there will be something in the endgame that might require it. If there’s any update about this, we will add it to this guide.

Although the use of this book has not been uncovered yet, there’s a lot you can do in the game to level up. For example, here’s how to craft the best and fastest ship Astray. And for more step-by-step, easy-to-understand guides, check out our Lost Ark guides category on Gamer Tweak.