Blox Fruits Bones: What Are They?

Know everything about the Bones in Blox Fruits.

Update version 16 of Blox Fruits brought several new elements including new islands, new swords, new fighting styles, new fruits, and new accessories. However, the major new element highlighting this update was a new limited currency named Bones. This new currency came along with a special Halloween event in Blox Fruits. Check out this guide and know what are these Bones and how to get them in Blox Fruits.

What are Bones in Blox Fruits?

Bones in Blox Fruits

Bones are special Halloween-inspired currencies that can be used as a medium of exchange to obtain rewards from Death King. This NPC has been added to all the Seas in the game so there should be no trouble finding him. Moreover, Bones work similar to the Candies that were added in the Christmas event. Further, it is possible to get the following items from the Death King in exchange for Bones based on their rarity in Blox Fruits:

Rarity Item
Common Money, Fragments
Uncommon Golden Sunhat, Bear Ears, 2x XP for 10 Minutes
Rare Fire Essence, Hallow Essence
  • You will receive any of these items randomly after spending 50 Bones. Thereafter, it is only possible to use it 10 times every 2 hours.

How to Get Bones?

There’s a decent 50% chance that you may obtain Bones by decimating enemies in the Haunted Castle. Moreover, the chance of obtaining it can be increased by killing every enemy you see on the map. This may require some grinding but is a more reliable way to get more Bones in Blox Fruits.

Another way to get Bones is by defeating the Soul Reaper (Boss). This boss enemy resides in a room next to the Haunted Castle. Additionally, Soul Reaper drops a whooping 40-50 Bones every time he is destroyed. However, in order to summon Soul Reaper, you require the Hallow Essence, so make sure you have it in the arsenal. Also, keep in mind that a higher-level boss will always give you more Bones. For instance, if you are at level 100, and the boss is on level 200, then there’s a comparatively higher chance of getting more Bones.

That’s everything you should know about the Bones in Blox Fruits. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on farming Fragments.