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Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date

Blue Protocol by Bandai Namco seems set to be released soon. Check out the release date soon right here

Blue Protocol by Bandai Namco is the latest MMORPG that’s set to take the world by storm and while fans have been eagerly waiting for any news about the release date of the game, there hasn’t been any update about it till now other than some speculations. So today let’s look at what we know about the  Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date, Characters, and Classes.


Western Release Date for Blue Protocol Global

blue protocol release date

Blue Protocol finished its beta testing in Japan. According to Bandai Namco, the team is currently improving the game based on test players’ opinions. GeForce leak list has the Blue Protocol title with a 01-01-2022 release date. Some of these titles turned out to be just placeholders, and as far as we know, the Blue Protocol game is not polished yet. One source speculates that the western release date for Blue Protocol Global will be at the end of 2022 or early 2023. A closed beta for the Global version can be expected before the end of 2022.

Blue Protocol Gameplay Classes

Here are the currently known classes in Blue Protocol:

  1. Aegis Fighter
  2. Blast Archer
  3. Heavy Smasher
  4. Spell Caster
  5. Twin Striker

Aegis Fighter

  • Weapon – 1H Sword, & Shield
  • Role – Melee Tank

Blast Archer

  • Weapon – Bow
  • Role – Ranged

Heavy Smasher

  • Weapon – Hammer
  • Role – Melee DPS

Spell Caster

  • Weapon – Staff
  • Role – Ranged Elemental

Twin Striker

  • Weapon – Dual Axes
  • Role – Melee DPS

Blue Protocol Characters

Here are the currently revealed Blue Protocol characters:

  • Aerinse
  • Carvain
  • Charlotte
  • Dunkirk
  • Einrain
  • Feste
  • Jake
  • Merlouf
  • Tyris
  • Veronica
  • Voldigen

Below character details are revealed through the official Blue Protocol Twitter account in the Japanese language. Below is a rough translation of these tweets with character descriptions. The translations are taken from Google translator, so some sentences might not make complete sense when converted to English.


Confirmed Characters for Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date


Aerinse Blue Protocol

Aerinse is a mysterious woman who appeared from the “pillar of the gods”. She arrived her, crossing both time and space to fulfill the “Grest Mission”.



Carvain Blue Protocol

A warrior you meet during your journey. He is honest, has a strong sense of justice, and has certain abilities.


Charlotte Blue Protocol

An up-and-coming diva who is an active traveling entertainer. Cheerful and cheerful, always full of self-confidence, but she can be reckless sometimes.


Dunkirk Blue Protocol

A warrior who is also called the “strongest mankind” as the leader of the Knights of the Principality of Dunkirk Bernhard. He has the respect and admiration of people all over the world.


Einrain Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date

She is always present everywhere you go. She always watches carefully and tries not to interfere in your actions. But she will always help you when needed. It is possible that she is connected to the Bafaria religion.


Feste Blue Protocol

Feste is the very first Story Character you will encounter on your journey. She is a Demihuman and has a cute and fragile appearance that deceives others to get her way around. Her personality is shown immediately in the opening cutscene.


Jake Blue Protocol

Jake is a famous adventurer in the land of Asteria. He considers himself as the “best of the best”. Even though his skill abilities are really powerful, his behavior is carefree and not serious.


Merlouf Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date

A mysterious boy, who appears out of nowhere. He always keeps gazing at you, but it is impossible to figure out his true intentions.


Tyris Blue Protocol

Tyris is Aerinse’s bodyguard. She is willing to undertake the hardest ruthless choices if it is the right thing to do in a situation.


Veronica Blue Protocol

Deputy Chief of the Knights of the Principality of Veronica Bernhard. She faithfully assists Dunkirk with her calm and calm judgment.


Voldigen Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date

The Dragon King, leader of the Dragon Clan. He wields overwhelming power and stands in the path of our hero, planning to best Aerinse.

Will Blue Protocol Release on PS4, PS5, Xbox, Android & iOS?

As of now, Bandai Namco has announced Blue Protocol only for Windows PC. There will be no other versions of the game during the initial release. But this might be changed later, and new platforms will get the game considering how famous Playstions devices are in both the West and Japan.

That’s everything you need to know about Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date, characters, and classes. While you are here, check out our Video Game Guides where we have covered all the new popular games.