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All Blue Protocol Playable Classes Explained

Blue Protocol has many classes with powerful abilities, so learn how they work.

We got a glimpse of all Blue Protocol playable classes in the beta phase of the game. However, in the new developer’s stream, the names of the classes are changed and their abilities are tweaked. Since Blue Protocol is an MMO, choosing the right class can make all the difference in battles. But unlike most other MMOs, you can change your class in this game at any time. So to help you choose the best class at the right time, we will explain how each one works in Blue Protocol.

All Playable Classes in Blue Protocol

  • Blade Warden
  • Twin Striker
  • Keen Strider
  • Spell Weaver
  • Foe Breaker

Blade Warden

Blade Warden in Blue Protocol

The Blade Warden, previously known as the Aegis Fighter, is a close combat specialist. With his sword and shield, he is one of the most balanced classes in Blue Protocol. He can use his sword to perform heavy combos and his shield to stop oncoming enemies. That makes him a versatile fighter in any battle. You can use him as a tank or a damage dealer depending on your playstyle.

Twin Striker

Twin Striker Class explained in Blue Protocol

The Twin Striker is another close combat specialist in Blue Protocol. But unlike the Blade Warden, this class focuses solely on offense. With two axes in his hand, the Twin Striker unleashes a flurry of attacks on his enemies. If you’re an aggressive player, then this class is made just for you. With every attack, the Twin Striker’s Combo Guage will fill up. This will increase his damage and fuel his skills.

Keen Strider

Keen Strider

If you don’t like to get in the thick of it, then the Keen Strider is perfect for you. With this archer class, you can inflict burst damage on enemies from a distance. Moreover, you can also support the party by weakening the enemy at mid to long ranges. Apart from long-distance attacks, the Keen Strider can also use AoE attacks and Healing Arrows, which makes it a dynamic class in Blue Protocol.

Spell Weaver

Spell Weaver

The Spell Caster or the Spell Weaver is a class with a high skill ceiling. This class fights enemies from a distance with heavily powered elemental attacks like Fire, Ice, Lightning, and more. However, the Spell Weaver user must stop between fights to fill their magic bar (or EP). This is a good class for players who specialize in support roles.

Foe Breaker

Foe Breaker Class explained in Blue Protocol

The name Foe Breaker perfectly describes this tanky class in Blue Protocol. It uses a huge hammer to inflict heavy damage on enemies. It can also deal damage to mid-range enemies by shooting out the ball part of its hammer. Similar to Spell Weaver’s EP, this class utilizes cartridges to use its skills. The number of cartridges used depends on the level of the skill.

That’s everything from us on all playable classes in Blue Protocol. As time goes by, new classes will be added to the game and we will update the guide accordingly. Till then, you can check out the game release calendar for all upcoming games in 2023.