Blue Memory Bubbles In Honkai Star Rail: How To Use Them

Not sure about what purpose the Blue Memory Bubbles serve in Honkai Star Rail? Then here's all you need to know about it.

In HRS, the Blue Memory Bubbles are one of the mysterious things that you’ll find around the Herta Space Station. As interacting & touching these orbs results in nothing, it makes the players wonder about how it works and what purpose it serves. It seems these bubbles hold some kind of mysterious memories that can help get to know about the lore better. It is also reported that touching them rewards you with some credits, which can be a great way to farm some in-game currency. With that said, let’s know more about the Blue Memory Bubbles and how you can use them in Honkai Star Rail.

How Can I Unlock & Touch Blue Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail

How Can I Unlock & Touch Blue Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail
Source Images: Kibbles Gaming

In Honkai Star Rail, to access the Blue Memory Bubbles you’ll first have to unlock it by interacting with Herta. After you meet her, she’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement and then only give you details about the orbs. Once done, simply head near any bubbles found in Herta Space Station and touch them to initiate the mysterious memory. After you are done with that, you’ll be rewarded 1000x Credits. If you are still having trouble accessing & touching the Blue Memory Bubble, then scroll down for a quick walk-through.

  1. First, head to Herta Space Station and look for the Blue Floating Orbs.
  2. Once found, interact with them and select the option to Touch the bubble.
  3. After that, you’ll see nothing happening.
  4. Then, simply head to Storage Zone and interact with Herta. She can be found near the Gallery of Shadow (First Floor) teleport waypoint.

    Blue Memory Bubbles In Honkai Star Rail: How To Use Them
    Source Images: Kibbles Gaming
  5. After meeting Herta, ask her about the strange bubbles floating around the space station.
  6. Then, she’ll tell you that it’s a top-secret, and you much sign a non-disclosure agreement to know more about it.
  7. Once you sign the agreement, after a few dialogues you’ll see an option saying Can I touch the bubble now? That you have to select.
  8. Now, simply head near any Blue Memory Bubble and touch them to know the mysterious memories.
  9. And after the dialogues end, you’ll be rewarded with 1000x Credits.

There are up to 20 Blue Memory Bubbles scattered between Herta Space Station zones in Honkai Star Rail. This means that you’ll be able to farm up to 20k credits just by interacting with them. Below are all the zones where you can find these blue floating orbs in the game.

  • Master Control Zone – 5 Bubbles
  • Base Zone – 4 Bubbles
  • Storage Zone – 6 Bubbles
  • Supply Zone – 5 Bubbles

If you are not able to see any bubbles, then we recommend you to do complete some missions and progress through the story. That covers all about how you can unlock & use the Blue Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail. While you are farming for credits, don’t forget to complete the Achievements to earn Stellar Jade. Also, take a look at the Redeem codes to obtain free rewards.