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Bloxorz Codes For All 33 Stages

Here is a list of codes in Bloxorz.

Bloxorz is a blast from the past game from its flash games era. It is a Blocks game where you control a Rusty Cuboid Block and traverse it through 33 stages of mind-bending puzzles. Your Objective is to slot the Cuboid Block through a 1×1 Hole. Here in this guide, I will give you all the Codes that will help you load any stage in Bloxorz.

Bloxorz Codes to load any Stage


load stage

Below are the codes of Bloxorz that will load their respective Stage:

  • Bloxorz Code to Load up Stages 1 to 11:
    • Stage 01: 780464
    • Stage 02: 290299
    • Stage 03: 918660
    • Stage 04: 520967
    • Stage 05: 028431
    • Stage 06: 524365
    • Stage 07: 189493
    • Stage 08: 499707
    • Stage 09: 074355
    • Stage 10: 300590
    • Stage 11: 291709
  • Bloxorz Code to Load up Stage 12 to 22:
    • Stage 12: 958640
    • Stage 13: 448106
    • Stage 14: 210362
    • Stage 15: 098598
    • Stage 16: 000241
    • Stage 17: 683596
    • Stage 18: 284933
    • Stage 19: 119785
    • Stage 20: 543019
    • Stage 21: 728724
    • Stage 22: 665321
  • Bloxorz Code to Load up Stage 23 to 33:
    • Stage 23: 293486
    • Stage 24: 088198
    • Stage 25: 250453
    • Stage 26: 426329
    • Stage 27: 660141
    • Stage 28: 769721
    • Stage 29: 691859
    • Stage 30: 280351
    • Stage 31: 138620
    • Stage 32: 879021
    • Stage 33: 614955


How to use the Codes in Bloxorz

Using the codes is pretty simple. Copy the code of the Stage you want to play. Open up Bloxorz and go to the Main Menu. In the Main Menu, there should be an option to Load Stage, click on it. An Input Box should appear which should ask you to Enter your passcode. If you enter the correct passcode, the game will confirm that it is correct and will automatically load that stage, Simple and easy.

How to play Bloxorz


Bloxorz is a puzzle game where you play as a Rusty Metal Cuboid, your objective is to fall into a 1×1 Hole. Depending on what website you will be playing Bloxorz, the controls will be the old trusted WASD controls or even the arrow keys. Both can be used or either one can be used. Your Obstacles are the Stage Layouts. There are special tiles like Octagon buttons which can be triggered by any part of your Cuboid and X Buttons which can only be triggered by standing on the Button. One Triggering these buttons a Bridge or tile will fold or unfold.

There is another button in the shape of () which will either Teleport you or split the Cuboid into two Cubes which can be maneuvered individually by pressing Space you can switch between Cubes. If the Cubes touch each other they join back into a Cuboid. The () Button can also do both functions. There is an Orange tile too, it breaks if you stand on it so you must go over it on your sides. Also, be careful as you can fall off from the edges of the map. even if half of the Cuboid is out of bounds it is considered a fail.

This was all about how you can use the passcodes in Bloxorz as well as how you can play the game. Hopefully, this guide has helped you playing the game and also use its codes. You can also check out other guides on our website Gamer Tweak.