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Bloxburg House Ideas – 5 Best Houses For 2021

Here are some of the best recommendations of Bloxburg House Ideas, luxury, cheap, modern, ultra-modern, etc.

Here are some of the latest and great Bloxburg Houses and House Ideas you can try out in 2021. If you are planning for your next Bloxburg House build then this guide will help to find about some of the best available cheap options. There are many House Ideas you can build in Bloxburg but finding up a modern style cheap mansion is what tough to figure out. To save your time I am listing YouTube videos of best Bloxburg House Ideas. So let’s begin.


Bloxburg House Ideas

Here are some great house designs with videos. The list consists of build with modern style, trendy floor, no game-pass cheap house ideas, and a lot more. Build a Kitchen, Living Area, Bathroom, Bedroom, and a lot more at an affordable price.

1. Cheap Modern House

Bloxburg Cheap Modern House

The 10k Build no game pass Bloxburg House Idea is still on the top allowing players to build something really cool at the best budge. The video above shows a single story trendy house you can construct without buying the Game Pass. All items are used belongs to the story giving you access to a modern house you will love to have in Bloxbug. Follow the video and construction walkthrough to build exactly the same house.

The Bloxburg house idea in the video has everything you can imagine in a modern house. Bedrooms, Kitchen, big windows, living area, stylish bathroom, etc.

2. Luxurious Modern Mansion



Want to push your limits what you can really build in Bloxburg then have a look at the Blush Modern Mansion by frenchrxses. An amazing house with rich class touch, this mansion is something directly from a dream. You can check out some of the screenshots of the house above. With massive two stories building the bedroom, living area, study table, kitchen, etc a lot you can still do.

So if you not restricted to budget and has access to game pass items then is the best Bloxburg House Ideas you can go for to build a luxury mansion.

3. Hillside Mansion


Bloxburg Hillside Mansion

Not satisfied with the above luxury mansion then here is a high budget Hillside Mansion you can build in Bloxburg. Hillside Mansion is a kind of super-luxury house by YouTuber Cylito. Cost 188k this house has a fireplace, pond, massive open area, your own personal waterfall, and a lot more to do. But luxury comes with a price.

So here is a video on how to build Hillside Mansion in Bloxburg. You can watch it to see how it was really constructed and what are the item requires.

4. Colonial House

Bloxburg Colonial HouseThere is another cool house with a touch of elegance and style. It is by YouTube Anix, the house is a complete no game pass build that has a rich interior, pool, garden area, etc. It is nice to have a house in Bloxburg with a decent structural layout. The interior features a large kitchen and a living room, bedrooms, garage, and kids room. Here is how you can build this budge house in Bloxburg.

In the video, you can see it is a beautiful house you must try in Bloxburg. It has almost everything you need, but as there is no game pass content it is a single ground floor house with different rooms.

5. Mini Mansion

Bloxburg Modern HouseFrom the same YouTuber Anix, 30K two floors mansion with a separate garage, a yard, and an attractive look. The house features a modern style interior, has a dedicated study room, a simple kitchen with a wooden dining table, and a cozy living area. With over two bedrooms and a separate bathroom, the house is an ideal holiday home for a small family.

in the video, you can see it is a beautiful house you must try in Bloxburg. It has almost everything you need, but as there is no game pass content it is a single ground floor house with different rooms.

I am going to update this guide more with latest Bloxburg house ideas. Visit back soon.