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Elden Ring – How To Get Bloody Helice & Is It Any Good?

Read this guide to learn how to get Bloody Helice in Elden Ring.

Bloody Helice is an immensely powerful Heavy Thrusting Sword in Elden Ring. With the ability to deal with enhanced blood loss, this weapon can be quite useful for many. It also features Dynast’s Finesse as its Unique Skill. However, acquiring this weapon may be easier said than done for quite a lot of players. If you are among those players, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you how to get the Bloody Helice in the game.

How to Get Bloody Helice in Elden Ring & is it Any Good?



To get the Bloody Helice in Elden Ring, you need to head over to the Altus Plateau region. Once here, make your way to the Site of Grace at the Bridge of Iniquity. From here, head over to Writheblood Ruins. Head down into the tunnel here and keep going until you make your way to the boss fog door.

Get past this door to encounter a boss. The boss here uses the Bloody Helice. Defeat him in order to unlock the boss fog door located at the back of the room. Head out of this door and look for a chest. You will find the Bloody Helice inside this chest in Elden Ring.


And that’s about it. Following these simple steps will see you acquire the Bloody Helice weapon really quickly. As for the question about it being any good, we can safely say that the Bloody Helice is an amazing weapon to use. With its unique Dynast’s Finesse skill, and its blood loss capabilities, the Bloody Helice makes for a great weapon choice. As long as you follow the steps in this guide, you should land yourself with what is a pretty good weapon!

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