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V Rising Blood Key Wiki (Legendary)

Here's how to get the legendary item Blood Key in our V Rising Wiki.

Blood Key is the only Legendary item in V Rising right now. It’s end game time you can proudly wear as a sign of your mastery in the game. The game description also says this about the item “You have ravished the land, overcome the highest challenges, and gorged on the most powerful hearts in Vardoran. The Blood Key is evidence of your supremacy… for now”. So today let’s look at this special Legendary item, in our how to get Blood Key in V Rising (Wiki).

How to Get Blood Key in V Rising (Wiki)


How to Get Blood Key in V Rising Wiki
Image Courtesy: Big Lips McGee (YT)

To get V Rising Blood Key, you need to craft it at the “Jewelcrafting Table” by using x300 Gem Dust, x21 Dark Siler Ingot, x6 Gold Ingot, & x3 Primal Blood Essence. You will unlock the Blood Key recipe once you beat the Level 80 V Blood Boss “Soarus the Immaculate”. He can be found at the Fortress of Light in Silverlight Hills (East). This will happen during the “Blood of Luminance” quest. But you can fight him at any time when other quests are active too.

Blood Key is the highest gear level at lev 27, and the only legendary item in the game right now. As the game is still in the ‘Early Access’ stage, we are expecting this item to be pretty important in upcoming levels. The quest description also indicates this by quoting “The key to a forgotten realm… The key to unimaginable power… When the time is right…”. So it will


This boss is pretty tough to beat, so we recommend you have all the high-level gear and also get the best armor set in the game before facing him. He is the oldest living member of the Church of Luminance. He has many ranged attacks that follow you around and there will be a lot of surprises too for you in the fight, like a ‘Divine Angel’ to fight. So make sure you know to get Holy Resistance before facing this immortal paladin.

That’s all about how to get Blood Key in V Rising (Wiki). While you are here, make sure to check out our V Rising Guides for more tips & tricks in the game.