Blitz Rise Of Heroes Tier List

Pick out the best characters to play on your team. Check out our Blitz Rise of Heroes Tier List.

The characters in Blitz: Rise of Heroes have different factions, classes, and roles. Your goal in this action RPG is to build the ultimate squad and take them to story campaigns, PvP battles, and boss raids. But with so many heroes, it’s difficult to choose the best out of them. If you need help, then check our our Blitz Rise of Heroes Tier List.

Blitz Rise of Heroes Tier List of All Characters


Mentioned below are the rankings of all Characters in our Blitz Rise of Heroes Tier List.

S Tier

  • Ilar – Divine, Ranged, Rogue, Damager.
  • Charline – Alliance, Ranged, Mage, Healer.
  • Oddar – Alliance, Melee, Rogue, Damager.
  • Alden – Divine, Mage, Rogue, Supporter-Healer.
  • Enael – Alliance, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Tayra – Alliance, Mage, Ranged, Healer.
  • Aarox – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Umida – Keepers, Rogue, Melee, Supporter.

A Tier Blitz Rise of Heroes

  • Solei – Divine, Warrior, Melee, Supporter.
  • Hideon – Alliance, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Melgor – Alliance, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Tsetrum – Keepers, Warrior, Melee, Tank.
  • Elentine – Alliance, Rogue, Ranged, Damager.
  • Braxia – Keepers, Rogue, Melee, Supporter.
  • Miara – Keepers, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Zitrius – Undead, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Meya – Keepers, Mage, Ranged, Healer.
  • Ashmira – Keepers, Warrior, Melee, Damager.

B Tier

  • Karn – Keepers, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Gvin – Alliance, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Vincent – Undead, Rogue, Melee, Summoner-Damager.
  • Rodkhan – Keepers, Warrior, Melee, Tank.
  • Nevsifeya – Undead, Mage, Melee, Supporter-Debuffer.
  • Taurus – Ashen, Warrior, Melee, Tank.
  • Javkhar – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Istra – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Pyroxena – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Damager.

C Tier

  • Yagolor – Undead, Warrior, Melee, Tank.
  • Zera – Ashen, Rogue, Melee, Damager.
  • Larana – Undead, Rogue, Melee, Supporter.
  • Grodan – Ashen, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Niss – Undead, Mage, Ranged, Damager-Debuffer.

D Tier

  • Tezeus – Undead, Mage, Ranged, Healer-Supporter.
  • Savian – Undead, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Alzekir – Ashen, Rogue, Melee, Damager.

That’s everything covered in our Blitz Rise of Heroes Tier list. If you want to find the rankings of characters from your favorite mobile and video games, then check out our Tier List section.