How to make Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

By Raaj
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Blast Furnace is used to smelt ores and metal armors in Minecraft. It is also frequently used for tool crafting and can help you to amplify the speed of crafting items. So upgrading Blast Furnace is a crucial task in Minecraft. Because it is a faster alternative to smelt ores in the game. It can smelt ores 2x compared to the regular Furnace. Blast Furnace without an armorer in a village will allow any unemployed villager to take the job. To become an armorer, so here is a guide on how to craft Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

How to make a blast furnace in Minecraft?

Collect Five Iron Ingots, three pieces of Smooth Stone, and One Furnace first. Then from Minecraft Crafting Menu, add all the items in the Crafting Grid. Place Iron Ingots on the top two-row and the remaining two will go to the side of the middle row or in the center of the grid. Place three Smooth Stones in the bottom row, and start crafting.

Only after placing all the items in the right spot, you will see the image of Blast Furnace on the right. This indicates you have all proper items for crafting the furnace and they are placed in the right rows. To help you out here is an image of items placement for Blast Furnace Crafting.

Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe

Start the crafting from the Crafting Menu and then move the Blast Furnace to the inventory. This is how you craft Blast Furnace in Minecraft.

How to use Blast Furnace?

Just place the item on the Furnace and fuel it. You can smelt ores with double speed, and fuel will also be consumed at the same speed. Blast Furnace emits a small amount of light and it can interact with hoppers. You can pick it with a pickaxe and it will drop items when broken. You can get Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, Netherite, etc by breaking the Blast Furnace using a pickaxe.

Blast Furnaces are capable of generating armorer houses in the game. It has a crucial usage in the game. So once you crafted it or have the crafting recipe you can make this anytime in the game.

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