Blade Xlord Tier List October 2023

Here is a tier list of all the units ranked from best to worst in Blade Xlord.

Blade Xlord will reward you tremendously if you use the perfect units with the perfect weapons that complement each other. And since there are a lot of unit and weapon choices, it is natural that you might get confused as to which weapon to use with which unit. So here in this guide, we will give you a tier list of all the units in Blade Xlord and what weapons to choose along with those units.

Blade Xlord Tier List (All Units And Weapons Ranked)

Blade Xlord

Here are all the units and the weapons that should be accompanied along with them from best to worst in this Blade Xlord tier list:

  • S Tier – S tier units are the best units that you can pick in the game. You can not go wrong with these characters and they will overpower all the other characters.
  • A Tier –  A tier Units are the next best thing you can get in Blade Xlord. These units will get you to win if you use their skills at the right time.
  • B Tier – B Tier characters are for players who want a little bit of everything. They are not strong in any one particular skill, rather they have their skills stats spread out overall.
  • C Tier – C tier may be the last ones on the list, but if you know how to play them right, you can score some good wins in the game.
Shyas Dual Aroundlights S
Elisha Antares & Acrab S
Kash Secret Shears S
Nana Lost Harmony S
Heathbell El Dios S
Layla Nirvana S
Gordio Doom Obelisk A
Zain Joyeuse A
Redin Randgrid A
Athena Prism Papillon A
NumberSix Hekatoncheir A
Roberta Poseidon A
Charles Howling Gale A
Sinista Madame Roselia A
Ingram Cloud Carvers A
Achel Valkyria A
Yuol Magna Spade A
Doslaf Hyper Mech Mark 1 B
Morm Trapezohedron B
Mizuchi Noblesse Oblige B
Z Chaos Judgment B
Kai Aquamarine Bolt B
Meryl Brunhild B
Wendy Love Hurricane B
Bodiro Blitzsmith B
Sarena Ayarindo B
Sparrow Gravelion B
Zagi Prometheus B
Heine Seraphic Rainbow C
Zeke Dual Durandals C
Ryde Dragonwing C
Fiana Stargazer C
Malik Djinn’s Key C
ArsManga Grimpaler C
Argadia Avalon C
Yars Nachtjäger C
Argadia Avalon C

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