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Black Myth: Wukong Gameplay Trailer Showcases Monkey-King In Action

In recent hours, a small Chinese development team announced their first large single-player title, called Black Myth: Wukong. The action-RPGs gameplay is reminiscent of titles like Dark Souls or Sekiro.

You read that correctly, the newly announced game Black Myth: WuKong seems to playfully cut a few slices from well-known genre greats such as Dark Souls. However, it seems as if the upcoming Action-RPG, also sets its own accents. You can watch the first gameplay trailer for the game below in the article as usual.


For those who are a little familiar with Chinese mythology and literature, the name Wu Kong in the title of the game could already have provided a little hint about the plot of the title. The small Chinese developer studio Game Science, which is best known for its multiplayer game Art of War: Red Tides, has used the Chinese story of The Journey to the West for the story of its first large single-player project Black Myth: Wukong.

The now more than 400-year-old story revolves primarily around the monkey Sun Wukong, who not only gains supernatural powers but even immortality in the course of his journey. He makes his way to the Monkey King and causes a stir both on earth and in heaven. All of these elements can already be seen in the first gameplay trailer, which shows a total of 13 minutes of game scenes.

Thanks to his magical abilities, Wu Kong can transform himself into a golden cicada in Black Myth, for example, and move past enemies in this form without being seen. Other of his powers, however, is much more offensive, so he can transform himself into a big ape and deal it out properly, briefly paralyze his opponents, or even take the form of a previously defeated opponent in order to fight with his weapon.


As in the story, Wu Kong primarily relies on a stick for combat, the size of which can be varied depending on the situation. Thus, the weapon is not only suitable for close combat against individual opponents, but can also be used when extended for stronger attacks or for extensive all-round blows. At first glance, all of this is reminiscent of Dark Souls or Sekiro but gets its own touch due to the different powers of the hero. By the way, at the end of the gameplay video, you can see Wu Kong taking on a whole army in heaven – so Black Myth seems to have a lot to offer in terms of action.

As the developers announced on the game’s website, they would currently strengthen their team for further work on the Action-RPG. The development of the game will, as the creators jokingly note, take less than 500 years (that is how long the monkey king was locked under a mountain in The Journey to the West).

There is currently no exact release date. Black Myth: WuKong will be released for “all ‘mainstream’ consoles and the PC”. Furthermore, a publication on cloud platforms is also conceivable, provided that these can display the game smoothly.