Black Legend New Turn-Based Strategy RPG Announced

The strategic role-playing game Black Legend was announced today and will be released in 2021. A fantasy setting in the 17th century, free level exploration, and tactical battles await you. For the time being, the announcement trailer of the game can be seen at the bottom of this article.

The development studio Warcave announced today the multi-platform title Black Legend. It is a dark, turn-based tactical role-playing game that involves free level exploration and takes place in a fantasy world of the 17th century.

You can expect strategy-oriented gameplay in which the placement of your troops, ability combinations, and cleverly chosen attacks are the success factors. The game relies entirely on old-school strategy. In combat, you can use explosive combos to injure or poison your enemies.

The characters of your mercenary troop can be customized. You can access different classes, each with unique skills. Every single mercenary can be equipped with new weapons, armor, and jewelry. You can also create your own skill sets using cross-class skills.

The game has several levels of difficulty. Those who want to focus on the story can choose the easy route. If you are looking for a more playful challenge, you can choose a high level of difficulty, where even the smallest mistake is punished.

Grant, the city of Black Legend, contains numerous creations from Belgian, Dutch, and German folk history. You can expect colorful NPCs and a variety of decorative items. The different districts of the city offer a wide variety of architecture and environments.

Black Legend will be released in 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

You can watch the game’s announcement trailer below: