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Black Desert Online Beginner Tips

This beginners guide will help you ease into the early stages of the game.

Black Desert Online is a massive online game and it can easily overwhelm you with its plenty choices and selection of things to do from, once you begin a game you are made to select from so many options in front of you. This beginners guide will help you ease into the early stages of the game.

Black Desert Online Beginners Tips – Starting Strategy


Beginner Class

The first thing you will wonder is what class should you select when creating your character, the more options you see the more confusing it is going to get, we recommend selecting the Witch or Wizard Class.

Withes and Wizards are highly effective and as most of your stats will be less you will often have to carry tons of options with you when you select any other classes.


This class relieves you of that pressure and offers you abilities which can regain your health and your mana. This is highly recommended as the pots you will need to carry otherwise are heavy and will often be a barrier when you are out away from any town and you find a good loot.

The powers and abilities of Witches and Wizards are amazing, especially Magic Lighthouse which will make any monster go away from you while weakening their defenses.

If you wish to take part in PvE or PvP, then Witches and Wizards come in handy as they are one of the strongest classes to go one on one with.


You can use combos easily too with this class and this is what makes it a perfect beginner class.

Trial Class

You can also select different classes for trial before settling on one. Trial Class lets you check out 3 different characters so that you can make up your mind and.


With that, you also get characters who are already at level 60 and with a ton of skill points which you can distribute as per your wish. This is more like a representation of the end-game scenario for players to determine which class they would like.

Rookie Attendance Rewards

Black Desert Online grants you rewards for daily logging into the game, if you just check out the Attendance Rewards section you will see the rewards you have collected until now.

These can be good rewards and will often come handy. You can expect things like:

  • Value Packs with one-month validity
  • Tier 5 Horse
  • +6 Inventory Slots
  • Kuku Bird pet
  • Enhancement Goodies

Olvia Servers

Olvia Servers are only granted to new and returning players for a period of 30 days which lets them level up quickly, leveling up in Black Desert Online is not that difficult and moreover, it is quick until you reach level 56, then onwards there is a lot of grinds involved in the game.

Olvia Servers give a player 100% more Combat Expand 20% more Combat Skill Exp. The buff only works from levels 50 to 58.99%.

Pearl Shop

To be able to spend money in the game you will first have to buy it off from the official Black Desert Online website, which is called Kakao Cash after which you can spend these on Pearl Boxes in the Pearl Shop.

These pearls can then be spent to purchase items that you wish to have.

You will get about 10,000 Kakao Cash for every US $100 and with 10,000 Kakao Cash, you can purchase a Pearl Box which will have 11,500 Pearls.


Energy works differently in Black Desert Online, here it is used as a sort of currency which you can spend to carry out activities like Gathering and Farming. To earn the most amount of Energy you will have to complete Knowledge topics.

A simple way to earn Energy is to talk to every NPC there is with a question mark on the map. Once there pressing H will show detailed info all the Knowledge to be gained.


There is no level requirement on what equipment you can have in Black Desert Online, which means that you can easily have the best of the gear from early on in the game provided that you find them first. But this inclusion will help players level up faster and be able to use and equip some of the best weapons this game has to offer.

Armor differs from class to class so make sure that you have checked out the stats of the gear and

Breath Strength and Health

Increasing your Breath will help you gain stamina which will be helpful as Black Desert Online is an expansive game and more stamina means that you can duel better and run more. To increase Breath you will have to do a lot of running and to do that simply rest a path and press “T” which will make your character autorun and increase Breathe.


Having more Strength means having more item carrying possibility, it also helps to power up your attacks. You can also increase Strength by buying a trade pack and walking or running around. Just make sure that you have auto-loop on by pressing “T”.


Increasing Health will offer you more HP which in turn makes you more durable. To increase health you can always eat and make sure that you always have consumable items with you all the time.


While you are not actively playing the game you can still profit from having your characters perform actions like auto fishing. This will offer you extra cash, al perform this all you need to do is reach Velia, and buy a fishing rod. Equip it and go out to the sea and press “SPACE”.

That is all you have to do your character will begin fishing and you can leave the game alone for a while, make sure that you keep an eye out for Ancient Relic Crystal Shards as these can be sold for a high price in the marketplace.


Fast Travelling isn’t an option in Black Desert Online and the best alternative is to use a horse, you can get amount early on in the game, and use them as more than just a means of travel.

You can equip your horses with armors to buff up their defenses and use them for battles. You can also become a breeder if you wish to earn a decent amount of money in the game.

Make sure that you do not let your horse unattended as they will most likely die if a monster attacks it. Find a safe space for them and always keep an eye on them.

These tips will be highly valuable for you in the beginning stages of Black Desert Online.