Black Desert Free Upgrade To PS5 & Save Game Transfer Confirmed

As it was officially confirmed, Black Desert can already be played on the PS5 at the launch of the new console. In addition, active PS4 players are given the opportunity to transfer their game status or their save game progress.

In the past few weeks, several developers admitted that it will not be possible to transfer the save game from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5 for their cross-generation titles.

In order to reassure the players and to avoid speculation at all, the developers of Pearl Abyss spoke via Twitter about the in-house fantasy online role-playing game Black Desert and the jump to the PlayStation 5. On the one hand, it was announced that the title can be played on the new generation PlayStation right on time from the launch.

Pearl Abyss has not yet commented on possible technical improvements that the game is getting on the PlayStation 5. However, as part of the current announcement, it was pointed out that it is possible on the PS5 to take over your save game progress from the PS4 and continue seamlessly. The only condition: you have to keep your PSN ID.

“We are pleased to announce that Black Desert will be able to be played from day one on the PlayStation 5. If you already own Black Desert on PlayStation 4, you will be able to play Black Desert on the PlayStation 5 at no extra cost,” said the developers. “Not only that, as long as your PlayStation ID remains the same as you transition to the PlayStation 5, you will be able to pick up your adventures from the PlayStation 4 and continue your story.”