BitLife Challenge Guide: How To Complete The I Hate Work Challenge

Know everything about completing the I Hate Work challenge in BitLife.

BitLife has constantly kept on including challenges in the game and award the players who complete those challenges before the event ends. The developers are here with a whole new challenge in the game, this time it is I Hate Work challenge. Unlike the Brangelina challenge, this challenge can be quite simple and easy to complete if the players have a few tricks up their sleeves. Now, if you don’t have any, we are here to help you with that. In this BtiLife challenge guide, we will give away a few easy to follow tricks to easily complete the I Hate Work challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete The I Hate Work Challenge in BitLife

The challenge has three major requirements to fulfill. These requirements are:

  • Get reported to HR 10+ times
  • Get fired from 10+ full-time jobs
  • Kill 3+ supervisors

Among these three, the first two requirements are pretty easy and can be completed simultaneously. However, the last task can be difficult to complete. So, let’s begin with the simple ones first and then move on to the hard one. It is completely up to you to choose which requirement to complete first. But a bit of advice is to complete the third task first so that if something goes wrong you can restart the game fresh without losing much time and effort.

How to Get Reported to HR 10+ Times And Get Fired From 10+ Full-Time Jobs

As mentioned earlier, these two requirements can be fulfilled simultaneously as getting reported can eventually end up getting fired as well. One thing you must make sure is to complete your high-school education in early life because you will need a lot of full-time jobs.

There are multiple ways to getting reported to HR, some of these are, playing a prank, seducing, or hooking up with a co-worker or senior. Whoever you choose for this, one thing you need to make sure is that your target coolness stats is orange. If that is red, you may end up getting hit by them, instead of getting reported.

Once you start taking any of the prementioned steps, your HR will initiate an investigation against you. When this happens and you are called up, instead of begging for the job, you should insult them. This will result in you getting fired on the spot and checkmark both the requirements at once.

How to Complete Kill 3+ Supervisors Challenge

This bit of the challenge is difficult because you may end up in jail for killing your supervisors. Hence, you need to be very careful and choose wisely how to kill them. To kill them, you will have to go to the Crime tab in Activities and choose murder. This will display a screen where you can choose your target and the method. In the target, choose any of your supervisors and then in the method, choose a method that will less likely grab the police’s attention. You can choose to push down the stairs or off the cliff, but these methods are riskier. If the victim gets to know that you are trying to murder him, you will be pushed off instead of the victim.

An alternative way here is to hire a hitman to do the job for you. This will require some extra cash. You can do a couple of part-time jobs or get freelance gigs to earn some extra income. You will really have to pay the hitman well so that they don’t get caught and end up uttering your name to the police.

Follow these steps and you will easily complete the I Hate Work challenge in BitLife. You can visit our guides section to read about more such gaming guides that can help you complete several tasks and challenges in multiple games. You can also follow our news section to read about the latest updates in the gaming world.