BioWare Reveals Updates For Anthem – Incubation Team Is Steadily Prototyping On New Features

Bioware need your help to upgrade Anthem as well

Earlier this year, Bioware had promised it’s fans for a complete revamp of the widely popular online multiplayer, Anthem. Recently, their studio director Christian Dailey revealed a few insights into this update. The gaming industry has been badly suffering for a few months now, due to the ongoing pandemic, but BioWare has been preparing for shutdowns, from the very start. Bioware has an emergency team, which they call it as The Incubation Team, that has been tirelessly working on overhauling the Anthem’s internals.

Details of the updates in Anthem

Following strict work-from-home orders, BioWare’s Incubation team has been working under the radar for quite some time now. Comprising of not more than 30 members, this small team has been working on Anthem from the ground up. You could even say they have gone back to the chalk and board of the game’s overall design. Regardless of this, there are bug fixes going on as well.

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The team is tirelessly working on refining all features that the gamers of Anthem love. They have gone into a full R&D mode, prototyping new features in the game as well. Dailey even let out a spoiler for Anthem’s fans out there – Even though the team is small and we are working our way through it, one step at a time, this long process is proving agile and the final product is turning out to be pretty alluring.

How can you support Bioware in upgrading Anthem

Bioware has been sound about their regard for Anthem’s community from the very start. Players’ feedback is equally essential to their team, as the Incubation unit is. The very reason for Bioware to let out this information is to create transparency with their followers. The gamers might feel that there are certain features that need to be done away with and for that reason solely, the Incubation team is testing and reasoning them.
Dailey has revealed an ingenious plan to connect the developers of Anthem with the community of gamers out there –

  • Live-streaming to provide real-time interaction with the crew
  • Artworks of the game as spoilers
  • Occasional personal posts about the stress involved in Anthems development.

Although people didn’t get any insights on the new features of the game itself, BioWare is confident with the decision of a full-class upgrade. Moreover, the fans of Anthem get to be a part of this process and it will be quite interesting to see when Anthem resumes its work with full throttle.