Eyebrows Raised At BioWare’s Response To Anthem Criticism

Kotaku writer Jason Schreier recently wrote an article which pretty much summarized the previous decade at BioWare and the constant changes in personnel and ideas the company was going through, in the midst of this affair lied three games Anthem, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Schreier presented a well-written account of the several people who had previously worked at BioWare and a few who still are working with the company, who go on to say that they wished Dragon Age would have failed for EA and BioWare to realize that something was wrong and that a major change was needed.

People working needed leaves which lasted from days to months and some employees did not even come back. BioWare, A company which was renowned for brilliance in the products they released were behind doors crumbling apart.

The article even states the on-going internal war at BioWare’s offices in Edmonton and Alberta detesting each other and with the constant changes in the project lead this all culminated in the demise of Anthem.

The initial idea of Anthem which was codenamed Dylan back in the early days shows the promise of what people really expected from the actual release. The article goes in depth of how the blame kept shifting from one person to another at the executive level while developers were often clueless of what they were working on.

BioWare Response

BioWare released a counter-statement not less than 15 minutes after the article by Jason Schreier which go in the way route as Anthem did. To be honest it does not even feel like the people responsible at BioWare had the time to read the article and lashed out with a statement which was completely off-target from what the original Kotaku article intended to be.

You can check out the original article here, and below it, you will find BioWare’s response to it.

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